Pakistan vs England | 2nd Twenty20 | Cardiff | 07/09/10 | Pak Innings

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Aug 30, 2010
Hi Guyz

The Match Is Just minutes away no Enthusiasm why So ?
Its 4 hours away

Todays match starts at 5 pm GMT
Less than 4 hours to go now.

Its a Day/Night game tonight.
will be opened shortly before the match begins.
Pakistan vs England | 2nd Twenty20 | Cardiff | 07/09/10 |

Big contest for Pakistan. They badly need to win this match to gain some confidence. Amid all the crisis, today's win will put some smile on the faces back home.

Pakistan looks good and more stronger than England on paper but it is the confidence and belief we are lacking. Hopefully today they will put England back to their place.

Go Pakistan!
Afridi or Abdul Razzaq will need to bat at No.3 for any decent Pakistan score its as simple as that.
the senior players need to step up big time...neechey chhup ke kuch naheen milega.
Baarish so far guys, pray for relief :afridi
Think it will get called off due to rain.
Razzler, Afridi and U Akmal have to fire today if we want to give Eng some first class phainty.
Hope Akhtar can make it to 97mph today... if play gets underway.

Let's hope we will see full action today.
If this is called off due to rain, I've stayed up to 3am for no reason.
Per Cricinfo
5.15pm Greetings, cricket fans, and welcome to ESPNcricinfo's coverage of the second Twenty20 between England and Pakistan in Cardiff. Unfortunately I must start today's commentary off with a decidedly frustrating update: with less than an hour to go until the scheduled start of play, it's hosing down in Cardiff so steady yourself because we might be in for a bit of a delay. And it had been mostly sunny for much of the day until just now!
5.27pm Good news! The covers are still on but it's stopped raining and the players are warming-up on the outfield.
I thot this in the last match aswell...what is up with those nasty yellow tops :S

Hate how the commentators are going on and on about how brilliant and unstoppable eng are at T20 and how they supposidly 'dominated the 1st T20' even tho if Akhtar caught that stupid catch its more then likly theyd be 1-0 down!
"It was an almost perfect performance" - Nasser Hussain talking about the 1st T20

What the hell are these commentators on about!?!?
Weren't there 3 dropped catches and a mini collapse by them?


62/5 relying on :akhtar to drop a catch and catching quite terribly them selves is apparently a near perfect performance

Meanwhile with the over head conditions is batting first the best option?
Decent enough team

Only 2 genuine quickies

Afridi might gamble and open with Hafeez (the bowling that is)
The english commentators are trying to score a one night stand with the irish man by the looks of it
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