Pakistan vs South Africa | Multan | 4th ODI | 26/10/07 |

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Oct 1, 2003
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Just about an hour and 40 minutes now until the start of the 4th ODI between Pakistan and South Africa in Multan. Pakistan (currently shoving the words of their bashers and critics up their backsides) are leading the series 2-1. A win today for the home team would guarantee a first ever ODI series victory for Pakistan against South Africa.

Team news has been mixed so far. There are reports that Sohail Tanvir will be making way for Mohammad Asif (who was rested as a precaution for the first three ODIs...has now had over a weeks rest) and Charl Langevelt will be making way for Andre Nel.

The pitch seems to be a bit of a belter, though people thought that about the previous pitches as well. So only time will tell.
Asif coming in for Tanvir will strengthen the bowling but the batting will suffer a bit with 5 bowlers who cannot bat.

Pakistan will find it hard to chase anything above 250 because we only have three run making options in Moyo, Malik, and Misbah(Afridi is hit and miss).

Pakistan's best chance is bat first post 250+, get early wickets and let the spinners do their job.

P.S Asif might come in for Rehman though if he is still struggling with his groin.
An hour left now.

If there is dew then SA will need a minimum of 300 if they want to win this match.

I have a feeling Younis will have a big say today in our innings. If we bat first anything above 270 or so should be enough. SA are really struggling to get us away in the middle overs, which are a crucial period in any serious run chase.
not sure if there will be dew in Multan, coz as per report it's still hot in Multan compared to other cities of country
i woke up at 7am (uk time) thinking the game would start then!! stupid bbc website gave the wrong time.
The heat doesn't really have anything to do with it Asim.

Dew forms when a surface cools (through loss of infrared radiation) to a temperature which is colder than the dewpoint of the air next to the surface.

The dewpoint temperature is the temperature at which the air can no longer hold all of its water vapor, and some of the water vapor must condense into liquid water. At 100% relative humidity, the dewpoint temperature and real temperature are the same, and clouds or fog can begin to form. While relative humidity is a relative measure of how humid it is, the dewpoint temperature is an absolute measure of how much water vapor is in the air (how humid it is). In very warm, humid conditions, the dewpoint temperature can reach 75 to 77 degrees F, but rarely exceeds 80 degrees
15 mins until the start.

Shoaib Malik has won the toss and elected to bat first. I guess they are not worried about dew. Asif plays, Tanvir carries the drinks.
Duminy and Nel in for Kemp and Langveldt.

I wonder whether Akmal or Afridi will open.
South African vice captain Justin Kemp has been DROPPED for Jean-Paul Duminy. Charl Langevelt has been DROPPED for Andre Nel.
Asif in for Tanveer- Malik just confirmed, Pak batting first and want to score 270+
Pak won the toss and batting first...

MO Asif in for Sohail....good luck..
12thMan said:
Pakistan wins the toss and will bat first

did you know that Geoff Lawson has been appointed as our new coach?
Afridi and Fisherman open the innings
and Waq starts of with his fav saying...

Good afternoon Jack, good afternoon multan, good afternoon pakistan, good afternoon around the world, good afternoon over there and over here...:):)

man can't we do a better job to get someone else?

where is Rameez bhai?
Pak on their way with a quick single from Hameed.

Pollock on target here
look at this guy Afridi...look at Y Hameed as if he were to kill him.....

there was no run...take a chill pill....stop acting like a legend....
1 for 0 from the first over.

Nearly a mixup on ball 4 where Hameed didnt backup when a single was available. Hameed is another of our poor runners between the wickets.
Saj said:
1 for 0 from the first over.

Nearly a mixup on ball 4 where Hameed didnt backup when a single was available. Hameed is another of our poor runners between the wickets.

Yasir Hameed is rather selfish when running between wickets.
Nearly a mixup on ball 4 where Hameed didnt backup when a single was available. Hameed is another of our poor runners between the wickets.

was there really a run? or m i watching a diff match?
Afridi gone.

Pull shot, top edge and taken at mid on. Soft dismissal.
inzibhai said:
Nearly a mixup on ball 4 where Hameed didnt backup when a single was available. Hameed is another of our poor runners between the wickets.

was there really a run? or m i watching a diff match?
I think you're watching a different match.
Afridi back to his usual batting form
"Boom boom" goes, and puts immense pressure on the team once again via his brainless-ness.
Now let the rebuilding effort start that has plagued Pakistan for many years
1.4 Ntini to Shahid Afridi, OUT, Anticlimax. Afridi falls. SA are delighted. Short of length, coming in from just outside off stump, Afridi goes for a pull off the front foot, didn't swivel properly and no power as a result. The ball lobs just behind mid-on and Nel backpedaled few steps to take the catch.
Shahid Afridi c Nel b Ntini 0 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
if there was a run then Afridi is better player compare to Sachin Tendu....:)
Ou 3rd opener is in an we will try to cacoon under pressure and take singles and 2s for next 10-15 overs

Having afridi open is basically denying the lessons we learned over a decade.

Might as well bring back Zaheer Abbas and Majid khan ....
nitrous said:
Afridi shud have never opened, especially when PAK is batting first...

Well you can say that now in hindsight but the pitch is a belter. What you do need to criticise is his shot selection. He was trying to pull a ball straight at his chest...
SO many times we have seen S.A bowlers try to short pitch even on these slow tracks because knowing our batsmen are so impulsive they will try to pull everything. How about Afridi leave a ball just to check the bowler.he was facing first ball of nitini.
the true passionist said:
after a decent score in the last ODI this was bound to be a low scoring one for Afridi.

So he should open every 4 or 5th game he plays so chance of him making decent score are higher say around 10% :D
Afridi was playing the pull shot off the front foot - technically poor. It was a banker that Ntini would bowl a shortish deivery first up
Rebuild rebuild and target a rr of 2 in the first 10 overs.
sadly that will be the goal of these 2 for now
Akmal should open if we bat first (afridi at 7)

Afridi should open if we chase (akmal at 7)
This is a very poor start from Pakistan.

No singles and no intention.
yasir hameed really suck. he falls over so many times. can't play any shots
Yasir had and issue in past where he used to fish ..balls going outside off-stump. To overcome that problem I think he decided to play close to his body but in order to accomplish he is falling over every ball
Assalam-o-Alikum bradaran-e-PakPassion....

Yah kiya horaha hai?
Akmal is a miles better batsman than Afridi. It's like comparing Steve Waugh for Geraint Jones.

Akmal has a decent record opening too. He should be up there in ODIs.

Anyway Hameed currently doing a ihammad Hafeez block block leave leave impression.
the_game said:
That's Yasir Hameed personified for you.

Very hard hands towards the ball. Never really plays the ball with soft hands.
MIG said:
Assalam-o-Alikum bradaran-e-PakPassion....

Yah kiya horaha hai?

ws MIG. Test match khal horaha hai.
And good job to start with Afridi - seriously speaking, because when we bat first is when he can play without pressure - shame it didnt come off
Hameed playing for his place according to Waqar - a little harsh or true ?
Hameed finally hits it off the square. Pull shot for 2 runs.
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