Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | Second Test : Day Three | Dubai | 28 October 2011

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Aug 12, 2009
So day three...Pakistan currently lead by 42 runs.

I say if Pakistan plays a bit quicker [just 3 runs per over] then we can get around 220ish by tea and that I believe is healthy lead.

I would want something more than 200 really lol

your thoughts?
Just need to keep chipping away.

Once they reach a certain point (150 lead maybe) they should up the ante.
Go for the kill...

make quick runs vs some pretty average bowlers ...

dont be defensive.... ...

i cant see lanka taking 20 wickets in this match or this series unless pakistan batsman starts looking at murghees!
250 in the day would take Pakistan to 300 runs lead. Then we have 2 days to get them all out. But for that to happen, Misbah and Shafiq will have to bat 50 overs at least.
Then you must be talking about the century of hate-filled posts that will follow his innings. :yk

nah I am talking about red cricket ball ... it's due to change in 61 overs ... he might only need one red cricket ball to get to century :yk
stupid shot played by oldie. it should have been left alone. oh god. hope ASAD and Adnan shines today and one of them gets a 100
Shafiq looks huge at the crease ... he must be the tallest man in Dubai at the moment.
Horrendous shot from the Pak captain.. good competition for the shots the SL captain has been playing so far to get out though :p
Shafiq in.. lol there go the chances of us scoring a quick 100-150+ runs and declaring.
I think 150 lead should be good. Seeing as the bowl is doing all sort of things... Although that was a poor shot by Misbah...
brilliant front foot defense by Asad ... looking set to break the world record of best looking front foot defence.
oh my lord ... watta good shot by Shehzada shafiq ... I don't think anyone in Pakistan is capable of playing that shot as good as him.
Hope ajmal gets a 50 atleast. should be fun. and hope adnan and shafiq gets a 100+ partnership and atleast get a 200+ lead......PAK still in driving seat
Has Rameez lost it?? Gillespie was a night watchmen for Australia. Ive seen nathan hauritz as well.
"They do not have a chapter......................written down in the script.........or something......"

I hate Ramiz.
Has Rameez lost it?? Gillespie was a night watchmen for Australia. Ive seen nathan hauritz as well.
He does have a point though. Nightwatchman does stall the game.

Ajmal should hit out.
What is Ramiz trying to prove??

Ajmal has already done his job of nightwatchman...
ramiz raja says a lot of things that r not necessarily nice about the pakistani cricketers. he's such a phony!!
Salam all - tough day ahead for Pakistan but an interesting test match never the less
btw, we are at the DSC so let me know if you have any questions...about the ground
So once again, we make 300. When was the last time we got bowled out for less than 300? (Probably WI first test)

But my point is last year we used to say, when was the last time we made 300?

Good times are coming.
Small but vocal crowd cheering both shafiq and saeed as they go about their business...
You hate him because you do not understand what he is saying? learn to comprehend.
I never said I dont understand him. I thought I it was clear that I find his stuttering annoying. The irony of you telling me to learn to comprehend.
Shafiq looking better...

Hopefully he can get a big score today to cement his place
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