Perfect Your Batting

Dec 23, 2011
Batting looks so easy on TV but its not if you try
But the thing is you need to learn the basics of batting

Straight Shot

Most important aspect of batting which mean whether you are defending or driving.

Practice Straight Shots and make the Cricket ball like your punching dummy but you practice shots with the bat don`t hit to hard might clobber yourself

Front Foot Defense

The idea is to go forward and smother the ball and with bat and pad.

Back Foot Defense

Again you smother the ball but you move back and across off stump don`t go to back you might get your self out.

Note back foot defense should be used if a bowl goes high on the batsman

Once you master that
You can focus on slogging and driving the ball and timing the ball in your needs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don`t do premeditated shot its a dum and highly risky shot that gets you out please don`t try that It expose your stumps.

Good Luck