Please suggest me a bat!


Tape Ball Regular
Feb 3, 2012
Hi guys, i am currently having a few bats, GN Oblivion Players, Slazenger V100 Ultimate, GN Powerbow 2011 Players, CA Plus 15000
Just want to buy a new one, the only thing what i look for in a bat is the ping, i mean the ball response, second comes the bat being as much light as it could be, that's all i look for, no matter what the brand is, no matter what the shape is, no matter what the cost is, i just need a bat with the best ping and the lightest one as well! That's all! Suggest me please!
Btw: I mean around 2.7 or 2.8 as being light! Please nothing more than 2.8, less would be warmly welcomed!
I just ordered myself a ss ton limited edition by the advice of knight rider. It supposedly has light pickup with nice response ping so check that out