RBS T20 : 5th October Fixtures and Score Updates Thread

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Muhammad Saad

T20I Debutant
Jul 9, 2006
I think this alone deserve a thread on its own.

Players to watch

Shahid Khan Afridi
Anwar Ali Khan
Sohail Khan
Muhammad Talha
Muhammad Hafeez
Fawad Alam
Khurram Manzoor
Khalid Latif
Asad Ali

Pls treat it as an International 20/20 with all the cheers and score updates.
(Atleast make it more popular than Austrailia vs Board President XI).

So here the first build up question

1)Who will hit the most number of sixes in this match?

But seriously, I think Karachi has the edge..
MS, we need frequent updates to maintain the enthusiasm. Unfortunately Cricinfo have not paid much attention to this tournament and it's not available to view outside Pakistan it seems.
Khurram and Khalid Opening the batting for Karachi
Samiullah and Asad starts bowling for Faisalabad
Thanx for the updates..keep an eye on Talha and let us know abt his pace and deadly yorker. Asad Ali is very highly rated by Mohammad saad and others.
Amir Sohail: Buhat kantay dar match ki tawaqoo hai aj....buhat achi bowling samiullah ki dono taraf ghooma rahy hain ball ko hath say
Both players under pressure.......bowlers really bowling well........Afridi looks angry on screen lol
I'm also watching it live... the openers Khalid Latif and Khurram Manzoor aren't timing the ball very well thus far.

Samiullah Khan Niazi, surprisingly, is bowling with pace and bounce :O
Oh, and the heart-detonator captain of the dolphins was quite angry last time his face was pictured on the big screen. He was giving a stare of bear apocalypse proportions :)))
19 for 0 after 5 overs

Abysmal start for a T20 -- we have to step it up.
Karachi: 19/0 in 5 overs

Come on Karachiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Stupid commentator bol raha hai buhat jaan hai inkay haatho mai lagta hai inhone hath ka isteemal buhat kam kara hai
Khurram cuts for four one ball.

Next ball, walks across the stumps, and flicks Asaad over square leg for another well timed boundary. Innovative batting -- finally some aggression!
32/0 after 6.2 overs

Got to go all guns blazing now, one feels...
PakPassionate said:
Why most of the people wearing JOGGER's on Shalwar Kameez?????

That's such a classic style! Purple/hot pink shalwar kameez with joggers :)
Finally some genuine pacee.... talha was good to watch but XXXXXXtremely raw.

HE SHOULD BE IN THE TEAM... plz we dont need anyone to change whats raw into just plain wrong. he'll learn on his own
Ahmed Hayat into the attack, his economy is 9.20 for Twenty20 matches

Let's go after him Karachi!
47/0 after 8.2 overs

Don't worry guys, I'll provide consistent updates! The last boundary, Manzoor top edged a pull over the keeper. He's been the dominant scorer by far -- Latif hasn't timed the ball.
Manzoor 34 off 29 balls, he's looking to hit out now. Latif keeps missing the ball -- absolute fool.
Easa ive got faith in you that you will provide every second update when the ANIMAL is in where he is looking? what he is doing?
The "absolute fool" pulls Hayat for a superbly timed SIX over square leg! Great pull shot.

56/0 after 9 overs.
Shahid A said:
Easa ive got faith in you that you will provide every second update when the ANIMAL is in where he is looking? what he is doing?
There's a seperate thread for that, my explosive friend :D
Manzoor GONE!

Talha, who is very impressive by the way, gets the wicket! Caught by Asif for 34 off 31 balls at extra cover :(
Talha is raw, but he has definite pace. The keeper is back a long way for him, this is great news. He is getting beautiful bounce from a pretty docile pitch.

He's raw -- get him in there.
RBS T20 Rawalpindi Rams VS Quetta bears OCT 05

Hope there isn't already a thread on this.

Against the laws of nature the Rams completely destroyed the Bears today.

RAMS 142/all out
BEARS 67/all out

Yasir Arafat with a brilliant all round performance
Highest score of 35 and 3 wickets for 5 runs.

Other performances of note

Gauhar Faiz
Naseer Khan
Sohail Tanvir
Mohammad Aamer
Jamal Anwar
I definitely like Talha. He's lean and tall and is hurtling in at full speed. Has a short run-up, and generates most of his pace through his run-up and quick-arm bowling action. He has pace, and is getting the ball to bounce from a length. Good stuff -- good potential.
Talha Is Ready For International Cricket Boys....

Too Good
Naumanullah caught and bowled by Hayat for one!

60/2 after 10.1 overs and Afridi is not next :(
Fawad Alam in. Apparently, his favorite shot is the straight drive :p
Good catch by talha... that was difficult

latif out to ahmed shehzd
Latif gone for 22 off 27 balls -- Hayat takes two in an over.

The axe-butcher in next, he's looking positively delirious as he warms up :D
Sorry guys there appears no links on the net.

Who has impressed in the bowling, just Talha?
Surely must be a link available somewhere...I had to sign up to a forum to watch GEO SUPER and there stupid links aren't working!
Asad ali wasnt bad either...

Asad is 135 - 140
Talha is 145 + no doubt. And its 145 + consostently
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