Scotland vs Sri Lanka | Edinburgh | 13/7/11

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Apr 25, 2011
Scotland have won the toss and chose to bowl first,

Exclusive live video coverage of all three matches of the Tri-Series is being webcast, starting at 10.15am British Summer Time (GMT+1). Coverage can be accessed through, where there is an embedded player on the home page. There is also a click button that takes you to the CricketScotlandTVLive channel page, from where a scalable pop-up viewer is accessible.
Sri Lanka - TM Dilshan*, SHT Kandamby, LD Chandimal, DPMD Jayawardene, BMAJ Mendis, FDM Karunaratne, KTGD Prasad, NLTC Perera, SL Malinga, AD Mathews, BAW Mendis

Scotland - GD Drummond*, RD Berrington, KJ Coetzer, JH Davey, DF Watts, G Goudie, RM Haq, S Sharif, CS MacLeod, GI Maiden†, PL Mommsen.
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