Scuff Sheets - always use them?


Dec 29, 2010
hi guys - what is the conventional wisdom on the use of those bat facing sheets that most people like to use now. i've read both sides of the argument. i've read that it does protect the bat from surface cracking, but that it also reduces performance. does anyone have anything to add based on personal experience?
Bhai, I have changed the title to scuff sheet as that is what they are mainly known for, hope you don't mind :)

Anyways, I always use them. Personally I haven't noticed a significant difference when in comes to performance. I know it does deteriorate the performance but that is a very small margin which I believe is hardly noticeable.

But that is just me, but people can oppose from my opinion.

I think one should always use it because since overwhelming of us are students and are on budget so we basically need a bat which will last so we really don't want to see cracks so early.

On my bats I also apply fibretech edge tape on the toe to further reduce the impact of yorkers.
there is hardly any difference in performance and the benefits are there to increase life of the bat..

i use a clear anit scuff sheet and fibre tape on the edges (making it similar to the hammer edge ones newbery sells)

as for the toe, i use shoe goo.
lol i just get any super glue on the toe i put shoo goo it on the whole face of the bat and i reckon it has a better ping(my opinion)
I put them on all my bats as well. I doubt they make any difference when it comes to Performance - all I would say is end of the season try to take off the sheet (can be risky if bits of the wood come off with it) then sand and oil your bat before putting on a new sheet.
CD do you have a picture of this fibretech edge tape ?? and whatz a shoe goo (how do u use it) ??
i am sorry if they sound as dumb questions but there arent any cricket enthusiasts in Austria who can answer these questions.
See the tape on the edges and toe? Thats what I'm talking about;


Ive used some of my bats both with and without Extra-tec facing.

What I found was that when you apply a new piece of facing, there is a slight difference in the ping and feel of bat on ball, but over time as the scuff sheet moulds to the face of the bat, the performance is unaffected.

So I would definitely recommend using them as they certainly extend the life of your bat!