Semi-Final 2: Pakistan u19 vs Australia u19 (Aus inns)


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Sep 6, 2003
Pakistan have 287 runs to play with, no team has scored more than 200 against Pakistan's bowling attack in this tournament.

Aussies have it all to do!
as always the lower order got pak out of trouble! the bowlers need to be discipline and let the aussies make all the mistakes.
The other thread was closed so i will post Imad's IR U19 stats again :)

This is Imad's bowling performance in IR U19 tournament

Imad Wasim (Isl) 918 balls 46 maidens 356 runs 22 wickets 5-77 best 16.18 Average 1

In 4 matches he scored 200 runs with 2 50's at an average of 40 and took 22 wickets at an average of 16.18 Isn't he a handy all rounder??

Inter Region U19 stats

Anyways, THANX CAVIN chaar so bees for your live commentary:)
In this WC so far Aussies have scored...

316 vs SA
251 vs WI
149 in 24.1 overs chasing against USa
178 in 26.1 overs chasing against SL anyone thinking that this match is over better think again!!
Imad is a left arm spinner. We have been looking for a left arm spinner for a while now, it will be interesting to see how her performs here.
Pakistan have a good pace attack so it'll be interesting how Aus start off.
Not sure stb, we will have to wait and watch :)

Checkout the scoreboards of Imad's First 3 matches (3 day matches)

ISB Vs Quetta

Took 2/26 and 5/77 and scored 84 batting at no 9 :)


Took 3/51 and 3/61 and scored 61 lower down the order.

ISB vs Hyd

Took 4/41 and 4/48 and scored 40.

Got injured after that and didn't play rest of the matches.
A good start by the pakistan opening bowler just the 1 no ball of it... 1/0 1 over gorn...
Jamshed gets EARLY wicket YET again.
Thanx Merx, 86.1 is definitely encouraging but Jamshed's consistency of picking early wickets is GREAT :)

How fast is Anwar Ali????
Merc, what sort of action jamshed has and what do you think of him so far???
Will the Pakistani-Australian Opener turn on his roots?
Jamshed and anwar both top swing bowlers, anwar has a lethal inswinger and is skiddy, jamshed, short run up and can swing the ball nicely. good talent.
Australia Under-19s 20/1 (6.0 ov)

Good pressure by Pak bowlers, need to maintain this because henriques can take the game away if he settles down. We have kept him quiet so far, hopefully we will get him soon.
Jamshed BOWLED DANGEROUS henriques

MC Henriques b Jamshed Ahmed 8 (18m 18b 1x4 0x6) SR: 44.44
got the vital breakthrough!! now we have to get khawaja, he scored 70 odd V pak in the practice game- can play a long innings!!
Waah jee waah, what a show by the Pakistani U19 boys after being 80-5. What a turnaround.....kaash main chuti le leta :(

There is always the highlights...are they on at 8pm?
wow 2 wickets already danger man moses out :D oo baley baleyyyy o shava shavaaaaaa

what lovely outswinger to khawajaa(apna munda, hes allowed to score 80 odd in btw).... by this tall bowler he really related to mohd sami??? seems like it :Dalot of resemblence.but beautifull outswingers....mashAllah.......
cav impressed are these out swingers or muralitharans off breaks?? big turners whatever it is :D on the money!! 82 mph that last one almost :D
Welcome CHAAR SO BEES................i was waiting for your feedback.
pacman said:
Which channel is airing this match?
sky sports 1
what brilliant fielding and commitment..........we cleraly need to play all of them against india on sunday :D i mean not india in the finals the match in impressed already :D
10 overs 32 for 2 ...power play taken!
ok ma first impressions of this lefty bowler ...anyone remembers a bowler named kabir khan? played for pakistan & peshawar? exact dito..he used to swing at similar sort of pace as well..bowling lovely outswingers this kid....(would make em inswingers to right handers....
Thanx cavin, Jamshed's stats has been AWESOME. Hopefully he will get some tips from Wazim Akram:)
khawaja comes down the track gives wasim the charge n manages to steal a single ....keeps the strike with that 11 overs 36 for 2 aussies
Waseem said:
Welcome CHAAR SO BEES................i was waiting for your feedback.
thanko dear, jumma was a bit longer then usual....

so much swing wow...both these bowlers have kinda slingy actions so im not surprized.....this anwar lad has kinda similar action to umar gul/fazle akbar......on the money though khawaja finding it hard to score keeping it tight!
akhtar ayub comes into the attack lets see him then........

wow.......similar to a player called brian mcmilan of south africa same action.......on the money......medium fast..comes around the wicket straight....80mph,s..
Waseem said:
Thanx cavin, Jamshed's stats has been AWESOME. Hopefully he will get some tips from Wazim Akram:)
he already has , from what the commentaters were talking about :)

ayub is a nippy bowler 83 mphs last one.........skidss on...........
4 to aussies last bowl of the over 45 for 2........
Oye Cavin.....

Why don't you post a bit now in this (click here) thread too. We have a deluded ignorant Indian making fun of himself there. :D
khawaja clearly getting frustrated coming down the track on a regular basis now
ooooooooooooooo almost bowled just over the stumps gives the charge to anwar again unlucky son.keep on trying ............
btw really good commitment and fielding here by your younger guns.....Good too see the next generation of superstars are better well way way better fielders then the current ones:D
48 for 2 in 14 overs
Farhad said:
Oye Cavin.....

Why don't you post a bit now in this (click here) thread too. We have a deluded ignorant Indian making fun of himself there. :D
i haveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just now :| firstly the link wasnt working so i had to check which one it was coming again in a min!
Azam6380 said:
Did Akhtar bowl that lbw appeal at 86mph? Did i read that right?

yes it was, this Akhtar guy is bowling in the mid-80s! good pace!
when is the 2nd inn starting acc to pak time... well where i can see this match if am in pak... i dont hav sky sports.. :(
Did u know Imad Wasim was born in Swansea Glarmorgan Wales! So Aussies have a Pakistani and we have Welshman!
that was a brillient piece of work done by anwar came in bowled batter played it near the pitch tried to steal a single anwar was on the money went down picked it up aimed and fired (under arm throw) and rest is history the wicket keeper batter goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Azam6380 said:
haha....loving those "tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt"s
nearly 85 mphs.........good stuff right on the money that too coming from round the wicket...

ooooooooo how did that miss the stumps???????came in out of no where batter left it in hope of getting a wide but that was nearly allover for the batter.....
444444444444444 to khawajaaaaaaaa smashed back past the bowler (Showie peeps hes apna munda) have to get excited ;-)

62 for 3......
:))):)) sarfraz ahmad saying come on boys kya hogaya hai relax honey ka time nahin hai :))):))
UT Khawaja is doing the job for us...shabaash them all out.
44444444444444444444444444444 PULLS KHAWAJA........1 bounceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

73 for 3
inside edgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just missing the stumpssssssssssssssssssssss
oooooooooooo nearly chopped it back to his stumps..............19 overs 73 for 3...lucky worries apna munda hai :p
almost a run outttttt......damnn nearly.........good throw from the deep he wasnt even in the picture........brilliant fielding once again!
Mercenary said:

i dont know who that is but it looks nothing like the guy on the pitch who looks 18/19

It's CricInfo's IT staff at India who are having their bit of fun then.
4444444444 wide of midon.....khajwa looks a decent player...............saeed anwar kinda shot........

81 for 3...time for a bowling change cav feels :D
44444444444444 more bottom edge down to 3rd man..
46 now khawaja ok enough is enough get him now boys......... no more freebeez for him :p
good slower delivery to usman khawaja......still picks it up..this lad looks promising pakistan get him by hook or b crook i dont care now :p bit like justim langer only more aggressive..........

akhtar on the money keeping it tight...
87 for 3
Jamshed Ahmed has played few First class games as well and shares the new ball with Mohammad Irshad. Interestingly he outbowled Irshad MOST of the times they bowled together :)
usman khawaja on 47.....hes dad,s sat in the crowd with the camcorder......must be proud of his son.........
88 for 3 /////////////cutss hard to 3rd man..89 for 3.....21 overs..........

REq run rate is over 7 now :d
bowling change usman malik comes into the attack
bowls spin....looks gentle to break bowler......started off fron around the wicket...

showie peeps 6.90