SG Maxxum 5 Star bat


Jun 10, 2010
Hi All:

I got a really old SG model from a friend and I thought I will share some pictures and info with you guys. SG doesn't even make them anymore but check out the unique bulge behind the sweet spot. The sweet spot is huge. The edges aren't huge but they still have significant amount of wood behind the sweet spot. There is a very subtle bowing to the bat giving it a very nice balance and pickup. I am not sure of the weight but it feels like a 2lb 7oz bat. The handle is a nine piece cane handle. The ping is pretty decent, considering how long it must have been just sitting in a shop (the bat was new in a plastic wrapper). Its supposed to be grade 1 willow but not too many grains however they are pretty straight with hardly any blemishes.

I really like the older designs of the bats where they didn't scoop out wood from the back. These days, they make the edges huge and scoop out a lot of wood and make the spine very high. This make the bat look big but the most wood is only behind the sweet spot but not too much behind the edges and elsewhere. I am a fan of the blades that have a round profile in the back instead of a scooped design but you would hardly see any made that way these days. Just my 2 cents.

enjoy the photos!

Good stuff! I like and prefer bats which have less concaving/scooping and more convexed profile than concaved. But due to fast cricket thick edges bats have been introduced so we don't get to see many bats like this.

My favourite and best bat is indeed Powerbow which doesn't have any concaving and has thin edges but that bat is hell of a bat!

I have been educated by SalmanK Bhai and I think I will get this one right, this bat has 12 piece handle rather than 9 piece, I think but Salman Bhai will be able to correct me :D

Do you mind if I ask did you buy it or got it for free?

Also did you check its ping? If so how is it?
Actually it is a 12 piece handle. I realized this after I posted. I got it for free so I don't know its cost. The ping is good but it needs a lot of knocking.