South Africa v Australia | 2nd ODI | Centurion | 5/4/09

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National anthems were played and atmosphere is terrific. Let the fun begin...:)

Aus won the toss and elected to bat.
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Two of the worst umpires at the crease, Ashok and Jerling
Haddin gone in first over of the cartwheel of the leg stump.

Aus 2/1
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Ponting off the mark with a six...chakka mara hai

Aus 9/1

Now I am going to lay on my bed and watch the match. You guys have fun posting here :D

My prediction - SA will win today...lets see.
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Ha ha haaa....I had to get off my bed and post my laugh.

Aus 19-5 Mike Hussey goooneee
It's 19 for 5

Parnell really bowling well. This lad has a good future and he can bat as well
Parnell seems like a great find for SA. So young and he can bat too. Bats at #5 position for the under 19 all rounder in the making.
What is the lowest score in ODI for Aus?
They are really making a big effort to beat that what ever it is
Just a bit of assistance from the pitch and the Aussies crash like a pack of cards! :))

Having said that, it was some spell by Parnell. The ball to Hussey was just pure magical. A batsman of his class got completely squared up!
Once again the new kids are showing how to do it, Ferguson and the great Mitchell Johnson rebuilding at 6/97.

But still :))) :)))
Due to the retirements they suffered from, Australia may yet remain the number one team but will have some tough times against the top sides. They simply haven´t been consistent enough to their standards:26:.
One thing is for sure, this current Aussie team is not as mentally tough as before.
My prediction was correct. Congratulations to SA in advance on a terrific win. :D
S.A 85/2 at moment and cruising home to level the series...
game over. Easy win for the Proteas.

Australia looked listless, tired and homesick
Informer said:
game over. Easy win for the Proteas.

Australia looked listless, tired and homesick
They must have had a good party on Friday night to celebrate SA's worst loss ever against Aus.

Proteas have turned the tables. Sometimes it helps having bowlers like Steyn and Parnell to have Aus at 5/19.
LOL, even by our current revised standards, that was bad.
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