South Africa v England, 6th ODI, Durban [11/02/05]

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Mar 3, 2004
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S.Africa lead series 3-1

place all updates here please.


All eyes will be on the fake Zulu when he plays on his home turf in KwaZulu Natal

Lets see how big the actual playing area is today, last match was a joke, with the boundaries being pulled in a long way.
Lets see how big the actual playing area is today, last matc

Lets see how big the actual playing area is today, last match was a joke, with the boundaries being pulled in a long way.

Standard Bank and the UCBSA came to a compromise that the playing area will be bigger than the one played on in East London. However it will still be smaller than the usual playing area in Durban.

One or two metres will make a difference when a ball hit towards the boundary will be a six or a wicket
Wharf on fire

3.2 Wharf to Kallis, OUT: Wharf on fire , two balls two wkts

South Africa 1/2, Partnership of 0
JH Kallis c Strauss b Wharf 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)
AM Bacher 0* (10b) AG Wharf 1.2-1-0-2

3.1 Wharf to Smith, OUT: this wide on side off stump , Smith goes for
this one , follow`s this gets the edge and Trescothick does well
at first slip to take the catch
latest --> South Africa 4/2 (5.4 ov)

england on fire!
Hoggard and Harmison both dropped still no chance for Jimmy Anderson in the England team.

Gough, Wharf and Kabir.

Kabir starts with a slightly better first over, only two four this time through the covers and through slip, last match first over went for 20runs with 5 4's...
latest score ---> 90/3 off 23 ovrs

gibbs in top form agen...!
225-230 here would be a good score as ball tends 2 swing alot under lights on this ground... i can see boucher being sent in next and that will allow hall and kemp to be held back later in innings.
Cant believe this is only Alex Wharfs 1st game on the tour, esp after the impact he had in the summer.
Wharf had one good game against india and that was it. Oxy that isn't and impact. His first game was actually in September which is affectively an Autumn month.
WOW How is this for conversion rate??

(including 09/02/2005)
M I NO Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St
161 160 11 5158 153 34.61 81.07 14 21 67 0

Herchell Gibbs has scored 14 Centuries and 21 50's.........that's a GREAT record and he is going for his 15th now.
oxy, wharf plays for glamorgan...! that explains it all!

idiots ruined crofts career in same way!
Wharf was less than impressive in the ODI series against the Zimbabweans before the SA tour, and as a result lost his place. Kabir outbowled him in the one ODI practice game on SA tour and got the not over him, justifiably aswell.
S.Africa 160/4 off 38.3 ovrs

cud get 250 here!
S.Africa 169/5 off 39.3

wharf gets another wicket gets boucher

wharfs 3rd
kemp gone... pinned back 2/3 times then short ball hooked and out!

this guys show here he can be exposed!

bowl back of length so he cant get forward!
S.Africa 178/6

gibbs 101 |-R |-R |-R

well done
pollock gone lbw 180/7 off 42.3 ovrs
rain stopped play, very heavy aswell.... cud be huge delays!
Rain rain go away, i dont want to see highlights for the rest of the day!
england 7/2 off 3.3

target 213 off 48 overs

ball flying all over place under lights!

tresco gone 1st down...jones joins him!
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