South Africa v West Indies 1st Test

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West Indies 41/0 (7.0 ov)
Gayle on 21
Ganga on 17

I hope Gayle makes a big one today.
How sharply has Ntini's performance fallen. Going at over 6 rpo at the moment.
13.6 Ntini to Gayle, FOUR, Gayle brings up his fifty by cutting one fiercely past the fielder at point, there are shouts of catch but that was once again hit so hard that the camera had trouble keeping up with the ball, what a start he's given the West Indies, that too after passing a fitness test this morning

West Indies 80/0 (14.0 ov)

Gayle 51 from 42
Maybe I'm being a bit harsh on Ntini. Gayle has slaughtered Steyn also.

Gayle is making for some very entertaining batting at the moment. He's on 62 off 47 now.
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Gayle was murdering the bowlers . In fairness the pitch is flat as anything ....bad decision by Smith , but understandible as everyone expected some swing and movement .

If S.A can roll them out for under 350 it will be a good performance .

Ntini was actually bowling good pace...he was in the late 130 and early 140's.......just not the type of pitch that suits fast bowlers at all ...
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Steyn starting to bowl decent pace the 140-147 range ....but hardly any swing .
pace wise steyns in the johnson category, shoaib, tait, and lee r what i call super quick
The run rate is around 4 rpo now. Come down quickly after Gayle and Ganga put on the first hundred at about 5.8.
The morning session was one of the best sessions of cricket I have seen in ages. Chris Gayle at his electrifying best.
Samuels gone to Steyn. I just hope Windies can sustain their aggression, one or two sessions of dominance won't count for anything unless they score big in their first innings. With runs in the bank they can go on the offensive with a promising-looking 5 man pace attack.
Saj said:
The morning session was one of the best sessions of cricket I have seen in ages. Chris Gayle at his electrifying best.
Darn- i missed it.

Now hopefully WI can make use of this fine start and not fall away like they normally do.
Was a good days cricket ...given the pitch was flat as anything , but if west indies put 400 up they could manage their first win against S.a...or their second draw (in south africa) ...

Would bring the series to life anyway ...
pace wise steyns in the johnson category, shoaib, tait, and lee r what i call super quick

He wasn't at his quickest yesterday ...I agree . But most of his spells very still averaging in the 140's which isn't bad for an off day . In fairness all the bowlers you mentioned have days when they don't get into the 150's consistantly so it means nothing .
Fantastic effort by Chanderpaul - his seventh successive fifty equalling the test record held by Everton Weekes and Andy Flower. Its refreshing to see a batsman from the old school of putting a high price on his wicket and making the opposition toil for his dismissal.
Another stinker of a decision by rudi biased koertzen.

The run out of Sammy had far too much of a doubt to be given.
Nice to see the Windies putting up a good fight here. Too often in recent times they have played collapso cricket and underachieved.

Currently 384 for 7 with Chanderpaul 85 not out (what a player he is !)
Yes...west indies doing really well . It is a really flat wicket but they all but saved the game for themselves and with some luck in for a chance to win it .
Kallis gone for 0 - SA 53 for 3 and in real trouble here.
for 4 now !!

ha ha ha...west indies are murdering us !!

Well I suppose if anyone is going to beat us I'm glad its the west indies....
Wicket doesn't seem so flat now...S.A just didn't turn up this game....being demolished!!
97 for 5. Prince the latest SA batsman to depart.

Boucher to the rescue once again I think.
West indies have done well for 1st two days but both Boucher and De villiers are batsmen capable of scoring 100s. West indies 1st hope is to bowl out S.A for 200-250 and then look to build on any lead they have. West indies have rarely been in such postions in test abroad of against S.A in general. I hope they can force game and possibly win it from here!
S.A will be very happy if they can get 200 plus ....250 would have S.a back in the a long time supporter of west indies I know all too well they can get bowled out for 150 in their second innings and S.a could easy make 300 ....

So as you say...anything under 250 and game should be in the bag for "windies" .....I'd normally be happy for them to beat S.a but dont want to lose the second spot to India just yet mixed feelings about this...

216 behind with 2 wickets left.

Even if Windies do get these 2 wickets and have the option to put the follow on they should ignore it and bat out their 2nd innings regardless for around a day. Leaving them with 4 and a half session to go at SAF with 400+ runs to defend
Before today, when was the last time the West Indies was in a position to ask a team to bat again?
S.A 204 All out

West indies have a lead of 200 barring a collapse hopefully they can get a 300-400 lead and win this test which would set up series nicely but give W.I cricket such a boost!
Kashif said:
Before today, when was the last time the West Indies was in a position to ask a team to bat again?

Must either against zimbo or bangla or we are looking at something around the very late 80s and early 90s!
4.3 Steyn to Gayle, FOUR, short and wide, rising very tall and Gayle gets airborne, flashing an uppercut safely over the fielders that lands just inside the boundary

4.2 Steyn to Gayle, FOUR, poor ball, a rank full toss outside off stump and Gayle slashes through backward point for four more

4.1 Steyn to Gayle, SIX, good grief, a top-edge goes for six! Steyn steams in and bounces Gayle into a loose shot, the ball following him and flying up off the edge of an angled bat, and Ntini can only go back and back and look on as the ball goes over his head

Amjid Javed said:
Must either against zimbo or bangla or we are looking at something around the very late 80s and early 90s!

Amjid, I was surprised actually. The below is the full list of instances where the Windies were in a situation to enforce the follow-on since 1990.

Feb 1995 v NZ (Wellington)

May 2002 v Ind (Kingston)

Apr 2004 v Eng (Antigua) - Lara 400*

Apr 2005 v SA (Guyana)

May 2005 v Pak (Barbados)

Jun 2006 v India (St Kitts)

Dec 2007 v SA (Port Elizabeth)
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5.1 Ntini to Gayle, FOUR, wow, thats some pace, Ntini banging one in and getting it to angle across Gayle, who tries to leave but gets undone by the excess carry and top-edges safely over the slips

If only Pakistani pitches were of the same ilk...
That 2002 test match against India is eerily similar to this one in which the windies set up a big first innings total and get the opposition out cheaply only to collapse for an even cheaper total yet still have enough runs saved from first innings to keep the upper hand and win.
South Africa has enough batting to win this test.


will make it count and pull their weight.
I wish the indians do a similar come back from behind win in MCG!
All as i the small matter of S.A scoring close to 400 ...very unlikely but I'll actually be watchingwith interest ....which was more than I expected at the start of this series.....
LOLZ at the Saffas - what's going on here?
No idea Ozgod . We didn't suddenly become useless and the West Indies became good....just a bad few days at the office I suppose .
I do think the west indies have underperformed for a while now...they have a decent pace attack and with sarwan , gayle chanderpaul and the likes a potentially good batting set up .......maybe this will be the catalyst for them to start playing some good cricket.....test cricket needs a strong west indies again ..
We should be in for a good day's play today. 389 to win for SA and I think they should be able to pull it off. But funny things happen in the 4th innings that stall large run chases. I'll certainly be watching with interest.
2.4 Powell to Gibbs, OUT, nailed him! Powell gets the early breakthrough again, pitching full outside off stump and a tentative Gibbs pads forward as it the ball angles back in and cops it flush on the front leg in front of off stump, looking to leave, Powell lets out a war cry as the umpire wastes little time in adjudicating that one out, bagging Gibbs a pair
HH Gibbs lbw b Powell 0 (12m 13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

SA 1/10
7.2 Edwards to Amla, OUT, nicked! Edwards gets his first wicket of the match, pitching full marginally outside off stump and sucking Amla into a nothing drive, only to get a thin edge as the ball bounces a touch more than he expected, which Ramdin is all too happy to accept
HM Amla c Ramdin b Edwards 8 (21m 14b 1x4 0x6) SR: 57.14
South Africa require another 369 runs with 8 wickets remaining

South Africa 20/2
Ashwell Prince walks out to face the music. Same field.
9.3 Edwards to Smith, OUT, superb bowling, good reflexes! Edwards steams in and bowls another excellent change-up delivery, dug into Smith's body, getting him up in the air and unable to keep that snorter down, the ball rearing and kissing him high on the bat, then bobbing up in the air and forward short leg dives full stretch onto the pitch and plucks a good catch in front of Smith
GC Smith c Ganga b Edwards 11 (46m 22b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00
Intelligent bowling from these two, undoubtedly spurred on by two wickets
This will be an epic rearguard if Saffa somehow manage to pull this one out of the fire
powell is a strange case.

looks so good when he's fired up, and so medicore other times.

jerome taylor is special too.

now if ICC only lets jermaine lawson back, what a "Quartet" we'd have... all over AGAIN.

hallelujah to the New West Indies.
interesting question: with SAF 45 for 3, chasing another 350 or 2 days to survive, who's the ONE batsman you'd choose to bat in this situation for YOUR team?

options are:


...I'd prbably choose Chanderpaul.
If I was trying to win the game, I'd say Ponting. If I wanted to make sure I didn't lose it, I'd say Kallizzzz :28:
S.A 101/4 chasing 389

come on west indies win this test match!
Kallis and deVilliers fighting back for SA. 145 for 4.....surely not. Even the Windies won't lose from here will they.
This has been a very attacking innings by Kallis, especially by his zzzzz standards :D

85 not out off 117 balls..
South Africa require another 225 runs with 5 wickets remaining.

kallis wrongly given out for caught behind, the ball actually hit his shoulder and not the bat
Boucher and AB need to dig deep here... unless west indies self-implode they should win their first test abroad against a non-minnow in almost 5/6 years.

I think last time they won was in england but they went on to lose that series 3-1
West Indies have it in the bag now. 196/8 with the last recognised batsman De Villiers back to the pavillion after finding the man at mid on. Just Nel, Steyn and Ntini slogging to have some fun.
On this occasion at least South Africa will be dismantled from that high pedestal they have been on since winning against below par Pakistan and New Zealand teams.

Credit to West Indies for pulling off a magnificent victory against some of the biggest egos in world cricket. South Africa probably will win the series but, I would really enjoy it if West Indies walk away with a test and ODI series win over this 'No.2' ranked rank team.
Nel finally gone as Sammy gets him caught behind to Ramdin. Out for an entertaining 34 and South Africa are 259/9.
260 all out and the win for the West Indies by a convincing 128 runs!
the impossible becomes possible :19:

what a nice new years present for all west indian fans.

I hope bangladesh is inspired by this as they are a young talented side to
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