South Africa vs Sri Lanka | 3rd ODI | Bloemfontein | 17 January 2012 |

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Jan 13, 2012
3rd ODI: South Africa v Sri Lanka at Bloemfontein

This is a must win game for SL on the flattest track in South Africa

Steady start by SL 27/0
SL doing a tuk tuk and batting at around 3 runs per over. pakistan is playing test cricket and batting faster

Bloemfontein is a 300 + ground. Somebody needs to take a risk
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Dumb capataincy by Abdul Basheer de Villiers

AB relieves the pressure on SL by brininging on Duminy

Duminy to Tharanga, SIX, 85.7 kph, Tharanga is taking spin on, another charge, this time he is farther from the line of the delivery, so he swings across the line and deposits it over the wide long on boundary, mighty effective

Duminy to Tharanga, no run, 82.3 kph, flatter and on a good length, so he gets forward and blocks

Duminy to Tharanga, SIX, 79.7 kph, tharanga charges out as soon as he sees some flight, not exactly to the pitch but reaches out to slam it as straight as possible over the bowler's head
Great catch by Steyn, just after finishing a over he has sprinted to take that catch
Dilscoop OUT

SL in a bit of bother. 2 new batsmen usually slows down the run rate and they need to score big on this wicket
There was need for that shot now ..... Dilshan has given away the advantage lanka had.
This is a crucial partnership ...... these two should be there another 10 overs at least
Sanga suddenly becomes the new boom boom

Steyn to Sangakkara, FOUR, 125.6 kph

Steyn to Sangakkara, FOUR, 140.0 kph

Steyn to Sangakkara, FOUR, 137.9 kph, on the pads, and Sanga takes full toll, he gets across, beside the line of the back of a length ball and tucks it in the air over square leg, there is no one patrolling that boundary
Kulasekra needs to take chances here.... SL need to score at least 60 In the last 7 here
Still SA have the edge with there inform Batting. SL need to field well here and put pressure.
Overrates of this maych hasn't been good.

Pak. didn't have good overrates either.

But what are the chances anyone get banned or have to pay penalty? :23:
malinga has to be one of the most entertaining bowlers to watch in world cricket - absolutely brilliant.
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