South Africa vs Sri Lanka | 3rd Test | Cape Town | Jan 3 - 7, 2012

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Dec 6, 2010
GC Smith*, AB de Villiers, HM Amla, MV Boucher†, M de Lange, Imran Tahir, JH Kallis, M Morkel, AN Petersen, VD Philander, AG Prince, JA Rudolph, DW Steyn


TM Dilshan*, AD Mathews, KG Alvitigala, LD Chandimal†, CRD Fernando, HMRKB Herath, DPMD Jayawardene, FDM Karunaratne, BAW Mendis, NT Paranavitana, NLTC Perera, KTGD Prasad, TT Samaraweera, KC Sangakkara†, JK Silva†, HDRL Thirimanne, UWMBCA Welegedara
Srilanka win tosss and will bowl first ... dhamika prasad in team
I guess Dilshan has missed a trick here. It's certainly not a bowl first pitch by any means. And batting fourth can be fatal on this track.

May be SL thinking about dismissing SA within 150-200 in the first innings.
Perera does not look threatening here, he is more here as BAP player for Test.
Smith would be very happy to bat here first, He would have batted had he won the Toss also, Dilshan made a blunder here.
This is what I meant by Smith's form in the past 2-3 yrs when a fellow Pakistani supporter was arguing with me.

Smith of 2003-2009 is different from Smith of 2010-Present.
S.A scoring at a good rate and they should be aiming for a big 1st inns total so they can put some pressure on SL batsmen later in test match.
Kallis scoring really quick. Strike rate of 125+. SA on top. Flat pitch!
will Kallis finally get a Test 100 against SL? :kallis
Where are all the Kallis detractors who reckon that he can't score in a crunch? Not only is he scoring, but he's doing it at a SR of 120.
will Kallis finally get a Test 100 against SL? :kallis

Woah I never knew that he has a century against every country (in fact at least 4 against every top 8 country) except against Sri Lanka.

This is looking like his best chance.
Kallis looking in amazing form. Nearly caught up with Peterson. 64* Kallis. Peterson 65*
kallis ate something special :sanck:
pair followed by a good innings
Kallis is giving his opinion about The best batsman of this era question asked on channel 9!
Great batsman, and also the most attacking between Ponting, Tendulkar and him over the last 18 months!
I don't think he is the best batsman of the last era, but it's a disgrace to discard him from the debate!
Sri lanka have bowled to many bad balls today! you cant give litterally a boundary ball an over and expect to apply pressure to the oppostion

S.A doing well here!
SA looking good for 500 runs here...... That would mean SL need to bat out of skin to save the match.
South Africa | 2/183 | 40 Overs | RR 4.57

SA looking good here!
Where are all the Kallis detractors who reckon that he can't score in a crunch? Not only is he scoring, but he's doing it at a SR of 120.

at home against SL?hell yeah crunch situation.
144 runs partnership ................

This is the highest South African partnership for the third wicket in Tests against Sri Lanka.
Why on earth they sent SA in will be a mystery, especially considering the last match when they batted first and won comfortably.
Matthews is poor bowler in Test matches, just 7 wickets in 23 matches, shows that he is not a frontliner
SA looking good for 350 at the end of Day 1 , its a disastrous for SL, should have batted first.
am absolutely loving this....the way people like dilshan jayasuria and russel arnold were talking trash after the last test was like sri lanka had won the series....fluke win now they are being put back in place
S.A should be around 370-400 at close of play which means the games at a pretty advanced stage early on due to S.A very heavy scoring!
100 for Kallis in his 150th test!

Also has scored a hundred in each of his last 16 years as a player.
A 100 against every other country.
On to 41 hundreds now.

What a legend!
Prasad to Kallis, 2 runs, 133.2 kph, there it is! Test century No. 41, his ninth at Cape Town, and fills one of the few holes in his outstanding resume, his first century against Sri Lanka means he now has a hundred against all nine other Test countries, he got there with a clip to midwicket
If anyone can break sachin's 51 test centuries then it has to be Kallis.
The result of this Test is known now. SA looking to get 600 plus here, SL would collappse to innings defeat.
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