Sri Lanka v Pakistan | 5th ODI | Colombo | 6/18/12 | Sri Lanka Innings

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According to Cricinfo all the SL batsmen playing today have at least one 50 in ODI cricket, except Jeevan Mendis.

Who has a double century in first class cricket.

Good luck stopping SL without Ajmal.
First page of original thread - I tipped a Pakistan win defending a score of around 240ish.

Worship me :afridi
backing pakistan to win this one , defending a target is what these guys are good at .:dav
A lot depends on how Gully bowls today ... expecting a strong performance.
A bowler short, means not a single bowler can afford to be expensive.
Sri Lanka bat very deep. Apparently Jeewan Mendis is the highest run getter in domestic series at 9 and Kulasekara is at 10.
Not a great start from the bowlers. Need to stop giving away these freebies.
Tanvir bowls Dilshan. Not sure about that brief pause but Dilshan is gone.
I told you folks we will win this won. 247 is plenty. Plenty I tell you. You guys worry too much. Its will be a comfortable victory.
Greig is off his rocker, it wasn't excessive appealing but Chris Broad won't do Pak any favours.
Gully should break Sangakkara's head to atone for his error last game :gul
They should keep sami away from sangakarra... he can't bowl to lefties
Dinesh comes in.

Tharanga's balance was non-existent, swing made him look silly.
Give Chandimal a few dots and just wait for the wild hoick :afridi
Gul not swinging it but good line and length.

A Sami burst here could be a good move.
Gul bowling a good line and length as well. All eyes on Sami to see if he can pressure on...
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