ss kook rns and laver and wood in karachi.


Feb 19, 2012
ok so i went to this official retailer of SS today and he had SS,kook,RNS,L&Wood. i was surprised to see that he opened the shop in a no visit area and people are still buying goods!!the kook was extremely hard and ewww.i dint even like it sorry was in a hurry so could not take any pics. i saw SS KP and it was at the price of RS.36000. i was shocked that he had 1 kook on display 12 SS bats and all other were RNS.i saw 2 laver and woods nd they were just amazing!!!!!!! the covers were made of wool and i dint even care about the size when i saw the willow it was just amazing. coming back to the new kahuna 1000 it was so hard pressed that i hated the ping and i dint even wan to touch it. he had RNS UNIK. Most of them were UNIK. Sorry for no pics. will get them when i go there next month or even next week!!inshallah! questions and thoughts please :hafeez !!!
Where is this shop in Karachi some more information pls.
its in a cng station named sardar cng after you go cross the bridge of sui gas head office at hasan square you have to drive straight and it is the 1st or second pump on the left!! and they had laver & wood heritage. sorry for no pics cause i left in a hurry. will get them as soon as possible!!!!
sorry dint ask for a price. will ask for it when i go for pics! what is the price of SS dhoni WK gloves in australia?Mind if i ask what bat do you use??
SS Dhoni's are $135 in Australia. My GN Fusion broke in the last game of the season, so I'm still looking for a bat. But, being a bowler, I'll probably settle for a grade 2 willow, since my batting is pretty bad.