Stanford 20-20 1st match, Stanford superstars vs Trinidad & Tobago


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Oct 11, 2008
Stanford superstars 146-5(20)
T&T 34-2(5) so far.

After watching the first few overs of superstars batting, I thought England must be watching and rubbing their hands with glee and thinking "This time next week, we'll be millionaires"
They improved later on in their inns but England still favourites I would have thought for the big one.
Stanford scored 96 runs in last 10 overs. 5 overs before that no boundry. I couldn't read the names but for Stanford players scorers looked unknowns (domestic players)
Wooo Hooo an interview with someone. Let's see who it is .... and it is Shaun Udal
And they get Murli Kartik too. I hope TnT or Middlesex win this Stanford Cup
Openers for Stanford Superstars got of to a slow start and failed to got to grips with slow pitch especially with TnT using a spinner to open the bowling. They came back strongly though with Sylvester Joseph playing a valuable innings.

Cba to watch anymore but TnT need 55 of 34 atm.
Nasser Hussain and Mogambo trying to stay up and keep it happening
TnT 94-3 after 15 overs - need 53 to win thurty balls
OMG the catching makes Pakistan's fielding look world class, they just dropped another one but caught one next ball, 100-4 (16)