The Ashes | 1st Test | Brisbane | Day 3 | 27/11/10

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Nov 2, 2010
Early start today folks, I don't see a thread up, if there is mods please merge!
Been an even test so far, let's see which side can take the decisive advantage today.
Aussies on top at the moment. England needs to take some quick wickets to get back in the game.

At the moment, aussies are on course for at least 300. Unless someone takes a hatrick like siddle.
Hussey and Haddin need to settle in and get big scores (duh), maybe MJ can bring some of his FC form with the bat over into this match?
I think its the first bad decision by Dar.
Wrong decision by Aleem will be over turned
Hussey got some really rough decisions in India, UDRS is helping him with these decisions.
LOL, literally centimeters in that

Had the ball been a couple of centimeters to the right it would have been given out
Dar's unbeaten streak is over :(

I think half of us just keep up with the Ashes to see the Dar go at it :))
Ball swinging again.

Commentators saying pitch has really quickened up today
Solidly defended this time

Big talk about pitch quickening up
quick question: are Australian pitches usually any good for reverse swing?
Thick inside edge through mid wicket for single
Australian grounds don't offer much reverse. Outfield is usually lush, conditions are normally very hot rather than humid. England need a wicket here.
Gaffer there

Movement and bounce

Commentators were right, pitch really does seemed to have quickened up
Another beauty

This one even better because it was fuller
Ooh, well blocked by Haddin

Broad looking dangerous all of a sudden
I would have loved to see Asif on this wicket. He would have been devastatingly unplayable
Oooh, just short of gulley, that was a good ball again, full and swinging out at pace

Haddin followed it and nearly guided it straight to gulley
On the legs, tucked away fine of long leg for 2
That was out probably, Aleem gets it wrong again
Hussey being worked over by Jimmy, hit on the pad 3 times straight!

Haddin also struggling big time.
That was out wasn't it? Someone needs to close that jinx thread. lol
Wow, another beauty from Broad LOL

England will be desperately unlucky if they don't get a wicket here
Very Important passage of play here. Aussies need to see the new ball off then look to score and make around 350-360 by stumps.
who's the clown who made the 'do we need UDRS for Dar' thread?!

to be fair, the 2nd Hussey one felt like an inside edge, were 2 noises there.
Yup, all decisions were tricky ones

1st one pitches literally a cm outside leg stump and second one hit both pads.

Mark Nicholas was shouting, I'm sure hes hit it, theres no question, and then we saw it on the replays
can't believe we're wicketless thus far. the bowling has been stunning. we just need to be patient.
This is quality from Anderson, hes literally made Hussey play everything
lets hope hussey gets out quickly otherwise there is no way english media will let dar take best umpire's award next year.
LOL, missed middle stump by an inch there
Anderson is bowling up a storm here, cuts Haddin in half! oustanding!
Jimmy Anderson must be tearing his hair out.

Australia really should get a hundred run lead now
Come on!!

Commentator bashing Dar as probably all English supporters are!!
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