The Ashes | 4th Test | MCG | Day 3 | 28/12/10

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Amjid Javed

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Mar 3, 2004
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Eng 447/5 - England looking to extend their huge lead already!
Should be an enjoyable day for England fans. The lead will become so huge that even just sneaking an Australian wicket now and again will be fine.
England just need to turn up for the remaining days...
This game is as good as gone. Why am i still watching and hoping for a miracle for australia?
Game should be over today if England declare early enough or are they just going to bat and bat?
Good stop at cover point by Mitchell Johnson preventing another 4
Prior playing well and spanking some shots but keeps hitting the fielders.
Looks like the plan today is for quick runs and having a bowl in the afternoon in order to move as close to victory as poss.
Another example of Prior missing out on a hundred, but a good innings nonetheless - and a GREAT partnership.
Prior gone, very tame dismissal.

SIddle has 4 wickets.
Bresnan should enjoy coming out and giving it a bift!
Stupid out- very cheap wicket there. Just a poor stroke by Prior
Looks to me that England gonna slog now to 400 or either declare and bowl through the afternoon to secure a win
Almost gets out 1st ball leaving his bat out hanging!
Go on Bresie.

Maybe he can do summat.

England probably have the best keeper/batsman in test matches at the moment in Prior.
Would LOL if Ponting fails again in the second innings. :wg
Whats gonna happen first: Australia get 10 wickets or England declare? Methinks England declare at this rate
Trott's on fire- would love to see him get a double ton

He probably won't have time, unless Bresie and/or Swanny play well. I reckon Trott will finish on a nice, average-boosting 170 not out :sachin
I think Trott has been more prolific against Australia than Pietersen had been at this stage. Two very different bowling lines though.
Strauss will probably play until they're all out (I'm assuming Aus can take the wickets as there is some variable bounce now) or maybe until Anderson is in.
Bye Bye Rhino

Rated by English and Australian fans alike, but even lasting a couple of test matches has been an accomplishment for him.

Total sicknote.
Siddle looks bloody awful for 26.

Hilfenhaus is averaging 143 with the ball in this series. 2 wickets :))
Trott hasnt had much of strike of late. Will be aiming for 200?
Bresnan looked pretty solid up to there. Good spell from Siddle.
5/70 Siddle, shame rest of attacks been pap!
Siddle gets a 5 wicket haul. I feel that the rest of the wickets will fall pretty quick
He deserved the 5 bag, very much a lion hearted effort.
Siddle deserved that. Put all his effort into the bowling.

England might as well declare now.
Both Trott and Cook are now averaging 100+ this series.
Not a fan or Trott as a person but he has batted superbly. Cook is a future England captain
"Confirmation that Harris does have an ankle injury, he won't bowl again this innings."
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