The need for strategic improvement and leadership training in Pakistan Cricket

Im Suds

Tape Ball Captain
Jul 20, 2010
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There is a lot of strategic improvement needed to get Pakistan to the heights of when we alone challenged the mighty West Indies in the late 80s and the great team of 1990s which won the World Cup beat England Australia in test series.

One of the things we seem to lack is leadership training e.g for captains .

Imran & Javed are easily Pakistan’s best captains - they were naturally astute, had the respect of the team and imran in particular would be prepared to play very aggressively - attacking fields and being prepared to lose in order to win.

Most of our captains since ( except Wasim maybe) don’t have the confidence to play this way and the timidity impacts the rest of the team - often the team looks far too predictable.

Do our captains get any leadership training and if not do you think this is something the PCB should invest in?
Most definitely PCB should. You identify your future captain at a young age and then groom it. This is why big teams like Australia have a proper system in place and they bring a captain through a pathway.