Trials for U16


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Dec 4, 2010
Hi, I have trials coming up at the end of february, i am trialing for 2 maybe 3 teams. There will hopefully be 1 net session and then a trial game.
I am a fast bowler and i am a defensive batsman that has recently started opening for my club, my batting is not quite upto the standard i am trialing for(I can easily defend and survive but can't score freely) so i will be trialing for middle order spot. My main way of scoring is punching it through the covers and playing square of the wicket although i have recently developed a flick onto the legside(mid wicket). My goals for batting in the leadup to the trail are; developing a cover drive instead of punching for singles, getting an effective pull shot and making my flick through midwicket more solid(along ground).
Any tips/drills for the cover drive,pull shot and flick through midwicket would be greatly appreciated.

I am primarily a Fast bowler and that is what i will be trialing for my "artilery" consists of an off-cutter and a slower ball leg-cutter(work in progress) and will try to develop a knuckle ball that i recently saw bowled by Zaheer Khan (slower ball) and a standard stock ball (hopefully) pitched on a good line and legnth. I recently changed my action because i used to hop in my right foot 2wice in a row aftel the "leap"(really wierd) so will be trying to get used to that).
Bowling Goals; perfect the leg cutter and knuckle ball and get used to my action(going good so far).Any tips drills would be greatly appreciated.

And also how should i be setting up my net sessions for both batting and bowling eg how many overs should i bowl/bat. In those overs how many of each different type of ball should i bowl.And how i should structure by innings in batting. At the moment i bat for 8 overs and bowl 8 overs when im playing 1 on 1.

Sorry about the overload of questions and Thanks.
Your that player who doesn't have a follow throw playing drives if so keep it that way. it looks more pleasing and effortless
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cool so thats the cover drive issue solved, what about the pull shot and drills and tips for it anyone??
okay didn't make any of the 2 teams even though i finished 6th in the bowlers out of like 200
Oh well i also tried out for another team lets see how that goes thanks Hasnain for your help shame no one else did.