Want to Advertise Your Company/Product(s) on PakPassion?


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Jun 1, 2001
I appreciate that there are a number of members who represent companies that are involved in producing/selling cricket equipment, and that may be interested in advertising on PakPassion.

If you would like to have your product(s) advertised to thousands and thousands of potential customers via banners on PakPassion, then do contact me.

You can send me a private message and then we can discuss what is best for your requirements.
Very Good Initiative....:14:
Does it mean we can sell our own used bats as well.....
Very Good Initiative....:14:
Does it mean we can sell our own used bats as well.....

No its not for individual sellers, rather for companies that wish to advertise their products on PakPassion.
Hi saj,

I have a sale website

pls suggest how? thxs
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Hi guys, have a Puma Bionic 5000 RH Men's pads for sale @ £60 including postage. Let me know if your interested.

Professional Test Match specification.
Unique PUMA styling with ultimate impact protection.
Shaped for a precise anatomic fit and maximum comfort.
Anti-rebound foam panels and side wings.
Contoured airmesh knee bolster for improved stability and support.
Premium padded shin bolsters with mesh moisture management.
Secure strap system with embossed PUMA tabs.
Ultra lightweight, easy to clean microfibre facing.
PVC free.
Weight Guide: 720g
Undecided on whether or not to keep it or not, but I have a brand new CA 15000+ that I could be perusaded to part with 2lb 8 - superb balance, improved by the addition of an extra grip. Includes proper bat bag/cover too.

UK based interest only.