West Indies v England | 3rd Test | Antigua | 15-19 Feb 09

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Jun 27, 2003
Play was due to start at 2pm GMT

Start delayed - due to wet outfield

Umpires inspection in about 20 mins
As long as there is an outfield to play on.
Great to see cricket returning to the Antigua Recreation Ground - St John's

Scene of some of crickets finest moments.
Play expected to start at 2.45pm (45 min delay)
Sure that is actual green grass and not water color?
You may mock Miggy, but the locals have been helping out for last 2 days to get this ground ready for cricket - nothing to do with the WICB...people power & enthusiasm to regain back some of the respect that took a bashing the other day.
All the cameras and angles not available today so no referrals this match. even all replays for viewers like hotspot or hawkeye may not be available either.

7.1 Powell to Strauss, no run, that's nasty! Real spice from Powell and it hits Strauss, ballooning to the huge figure of Benn in the gully. Strauss tried to duck out of the way and the ball came off his shoulder, but did it brush his glove? We'll never know, as TV replays aren't being used for this Test

Strauss 14 - Cook 13
Eng 27-0 after 8 overs
England surpass their score in the previous inns without loosing a single wkt.
28.3 Benn to Strauss, no run, dropped! Short, Strauss swung into a wild cut but got a big top-edge, and Gayle at slip went for it one-handed but couldn't gather
Chris Gayle strikes - Cooke is out for 52- good catch taken at slip.

But England dominating

Owais Shah is the new man in...
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Strauss gets his century

His 1st as captain - and 15th for England.

Had 3 lives, but quality inngs

177-1 off 55 overs
Why in the heck is Gayle bowling so many overs...what is the point since it is not an ODI?
good knock by the captain. happy to see O shah make most of his opportunity inshallah he will carry on playing good. but windies will win :D
so in the space of a week, West Indies cricket has been born again, and died again.
pub team that had two good sessions. told you we'd come back.
Strauss 124 (207) - Shah 44(59)
Eng 225-1 after 66 overs
24 overs left

66.3 Edwards to Strauss, no run, now then - that's a bit worrying. Outside the off stump, on a good length, and it scudded through like a pea roller

66.4 Edwards to Strauss, 4 byes, and again! And four this time! Two absolute grubbers. Edwards is wearing a rueful grin on his face, but they were both wide deliveries...had they been on target, Strauss would've been a goner
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Eng 244/1

Looks like england enjoying the conditions here. Shah is two short of 50 and strauss also going well.
great work from shah :D why has it taken 3 years for his return?

the radio reports some Perth-style scuttlers, suggesting this pitch will deteriorate over time. England to bowl out West Indies for 51?
7th bowler Nash bowed the 70th over. He bowls left arm medium

Strauss 138(225) - Shah 50(70)
Current partnership - 126 runs, 28.4 overs, RR: 4.39 (Shah 50, Strauss 71)
Eng 247-1 after 71 overs @ 3.5 - last 10 overs 43-0
19 overs left in the day
350 up by the close, 500-3 by tea tomorrow.
West Indies 60-4 at day 2 close.
and the series will go from there.

reminds me of the Ashes - a poor England performance in the first test, then coming out all guns blazing in the 2nd test, with a positive attitude and benefiting from being put into bat. wahey :D
As far as i can see why WI aren't getting any wickets is that they aren't motivated and there line and length is nothing. Interesting how Enlgand will bowl.......
70.2 Edwards to Strauss, no run, Strauss forward-defends this to cover

Excellent three-second glare there by Edwards. Top-class glaring

70.1 Edwards to Strauss, no run, a shorter delivery which doesn't climb, owing to Edwards' slingy action, and Strauss sways out of the way

England should be looking to wrack up 500 here! Looks like all the talk of a lively pitch may have been non-sical. Let see how both teams bat on this wicket once each though.

It could be another bore draw.
my prediciton a draw... believe me this match will be a draw.... straus is batting wel man 150 for him I think... or not yet
I think we should just get as many as possible. it's a flat pitch so the best way to create pressure is making lots of runs. I think there are wickets for Harmison and Flintoff here.
Oxy said:
Strauss gets his century

His 1st as captain - and 15th for England
I am pretty certain he got one against Pakistan at home as captain. Might have been in the 2nd inns at Headingly.
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it's his third as captain actually. two against pakistan at home. but first of this stint.

15 centuries is pretty good, he could end up as one of England's most prolific openers.
I think flintoff could cause problems with ball and intresting to see how Swann goes, Harmlessson will probably be crap as usual.
England 277/2 (84.0 ov)

Strauss on 158
Pietersen 1

Shah run out for 57 unfortunately
Eng 284/2

Can W.I sneak another wkt or two before the close?
Strauss out c&b Edwards on 2nd last ball of the day. Night watchman Andersen in
Eng 295-3 after 89.4 overs

the play continues??? Powel to bowl over 91. cricinfo saying 2 more overs after this
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Panesar dropped? Thank God, that took them a while.

Great to see Shah making runs. Hope he cements his spot. His three test innings so far are 88, 38, and 57. Which means:

Oxy said:
Strauss gets his century

His 1st as captain - and 15th for England.

Had 3 lives, but quality inngs

177-1 off 55 overs

3 lives??

Was it catches dropped or umpiring errors/bias?
dunno about 3 lives, but he has was stone cold PLUMB LBW when he was on 30-odd
junoon said:
3 lives??

Was it catches dropped or umpiring errors/bias?

LBW - not given

RUN OUT - wasnt even in the frame, but the fielder messed up

Dropped Catch
Mohsin said:
Why are there more then 90 overs bowled today? :20: :20:

90 is the minimum. They can bowl more than 90, just rare these days that they even get to 90.

Hope Ponting/Dhoni/Smith take note
A big blow for england losing strauss just before close of play.

W.I need to get early wickets whilst england will be looking to get up to 500-550.
England couldn't have asked for a much better day after last weeks debacle.

Windies may have been in a better position if Gayle had stationed Smith rather than himself at slip to the spinners throughout.

Smith's catch to dismiss Cook reminded me of a catch he took off Gayle to dismiss Inzi at Jamaica in 2005, he's supreme in that position.
2nd days play has started.

England 308/3 now...

Anderson caught behind. Another wkt and Windies might wrap it up early!
Edwards bowling with pace and giving colly a working over!

Edwards hitting speeds of 93 MPH

And hes just dropped KP
110.1 Powell to Pietersen, no run, wide of the off stump and left alone

Powell glares over his shoulder at Pietersen. Which is all very well, but that delivery hardly warranted an angry "come and have a go if you think you're hard enough" stare

Pietersen 40(91) - Collingwood 38(50)
Eng 372-4 after 110.4 overs @ 3.36
Last 10 overs 27-0
England should look to declare mid way through last session and then have a go at the west indies.
Da Best said:
For me the decleration score should be 420
that will make the hard work go to waste. they should look for 550 atleast and an opportunity to bat only once. They should get to 500 by tea. This might also be the only way for result in case rain comes and takes a session or two

Pietersen 51 bowled by Taylor
Eng 405-5 after 126.1 overs
The locals in the crowd, outnumbered by the tourists, make enough noise to drown out the music. Great cheer for Flintoff as he strides out ...

Flintoff 0 bowled Taylor
Eng 405-6 after 126.3 overs

score of 475 will be good now

Not quite such an enthusiastic welcome for the legend that is Matt Prior.
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Good bowling from Taylor 2 in 3 balls edwards is also bowling well... but still this amtch is looking to be a draw I think
420/6 135.0 overs.

Last wicket Flintoff---duck

126.3 Taylor to Flintoff, OUT, what an inspired bowling change ... the ball keeps low, completely beating Flintoff, who is caught half forward, for pace and cleans him up comprehensively
A Flintoff b Taylor 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
467/7 146.3 ovrs

FOW: 146.2 Nash to Prior, OUT, Prior tries to whack this over the top but skies it miles and miles in the air. Chanderpaul readies and steadies himself at mid-off to take an easy catch
MJ Prior c Chanderpaul b Nash 39 (61b 6x4 0x6) SR: 63.93

i think this is a formidable total from the englishmen. A great rebound from the 1st test match. Cant have been easy to pick themselves up afer a thrashing but they are certainly fighting hard so far.
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Collingwood giving tips

153.6 Powell to Broad, 1 run, nudged out to the off side and he steals a single - and the strike! Again. Poor Collingwood's having to wait for his hundred here

Collingwood 90(175) - Broad 22(34)
Eng 496-7 after 154.4 overs @ 3.21
last 10 overs 34-1
27 overs remaing in the day
good batting by Borad man nic :SIX from powel and some good boundary's hes hitten so far
40 runs of 50 balls strike rate of 80 6 fours and 1 six nice batting by this fellow
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