West Indies vs Pakistan | 1st Test | Guyana | 13/5/11 | Day 2 : Session 1

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Dec 29, 2008
just about 30 minutes away, Pak require the one wicket to dismiss the West Indies.

very tricky wicket, we will need to bat extremely well to get something like 350-400.
i would love to see Ajmal get his 5fer.

But i think gul will get it the last wicket in his 1st over.
Pakistan to be 250-3 or 250 all out by the close of play.
Let's end the resistance soon enough and hopefully our batsmen can get a decent lead.
Bring in Wahab and Gul, bowl fast and try to tire them and injure them, then take their wicket.
Can't wait to see Bishoo's first over.
Gul from one end. Ajmal from the other. Get this final wicket within the first 10 minutes.
Pakistan should look for a lead of at least 150 runs in the first innings
Can't wait for Umar Akmal vs Bishoo. Umar is class against spin in Tests.
We struggle to finish the tail I am expecting a good little partnership from this last pair*cries*
Sheesh, look at those cracks.

Do not want to bat on this again :nonstop:
Players out on to the field, weather looks perfect.
Hafeez shouldve opened. Atleast he looks like he will take wickets unlike Rehman.
Lol, ball rolling on the ground, and that's four byes.
Just to give an idea of how bad Rehman is. He is not looking even remotely threatening on this spinners heaven of a pitch.
Roach has better temperament than Sammy, should be batting above him.
Have to be careful here. 230 is a good score on this pitch.
If Bishoo makes 50 today , his smiley should be included on PP
Rehman is incapable of building any sort of pressure or panic in the batsman. What a dumb selection for this match.
Tail is wagging and annoying Pak bowlers now.

Another square drive stopped at point, 1 more to the total.
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