WT20 | India vs Sri Lanka | Final | 6th April, 2014 | Sri Lanka Innings

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India will win, 100% guaranteed, no way they can lose this.
Sri lanka needs 131 to complete the formality.
btw I can imagine most people in this forum are already arranging for patakhas and sweets distribution within 90 minutes if we can hold sri lanka till that time I mean.... If Yuvraj gets picked ever again, fans should stop following indian cricket,even ishant sharma has not harmed us like this
Very very tough for India.
Have to apply the 'Dhoniconda' big time!
Congrats SL for the cup..we choked and batted pathetically...I mean i just couldn't digest what i witnessed in the last 4 overs of a T20,that too a WC final..Goodness me...Sad that we took final for this display...
Well gotta back up our bowlers now. In CT final, we were forced to bat first and defend a small total. Repeat again?
Sri Lanka is the one who needs the runs, bhai. :D

India set the target.

.... I still think the Indian bowlers can defend it, though. *cough*
India fans my advice would be to get some delicious ice cream. Ice cream solves everything.

Yuvi to take a hat trick and figures of 10 -17
Get 2-3 big overs, Game will be done and dusted.
Inside edged it for four. pitch is not easy to bat on. India favorites here
PEOPLE SEEM to forget that dilshan has a knock off 104* in T20is...
Will anyone deny that Perera is a hack and a fragment, like a spec, like a platelet of what Jayasuriya is now?
Jaya with a 50 here will end as a legend in T20is...which isn't exactly saying much tho lol
SL need to attack and get this negative and defensive mindset out...
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