Zimbabwe vs Pakistan | 1st Test | Harare | 07/09/2013 | Day 5

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Azlan Khan

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Aug 30, 2010
Brilliance by Pakistan's middle and lower order pushed their lead to 341 runs. Saeed Ajmal struck late in the day as Zimbabwe were reduced to 13/1 in their 2nd Innings.

1st Test, Day 5 - Zimbabwe require 329 runs to win. While, Pakistan need 9 wickets to win.
Great job by Pakistan. They have put themselves in a position where it is not likely we will lose. So we can attack all day.

Hopefully Ajmal continues to take wickets often and we win a little after lunch.
I think Azhar Ali was over excited it was easier for hafeez to catch it simply.
Junaid bowled Good First over

Junaid is one of the unlucky Bolwer i seen
his edge dont carry at many times
This is where zimbabwe lack experience!
How to raise ur game against the big boys in a pressure situation
So guys, excited for the 5th day of cricket and a Pakistan victory?
Hafeez you clown! that was an easy catch that would of made it 3 down!! Arghhh that guy!!
That catch was azhars... hafeez was far off back and :out juni gets another. juni making sure ajmal wont get a tenfer. doing what our bowlers do getting dismissals that dont involve fielders. :p
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Junaid Strike again

Never doubt Junaid Ability he is Brillent Fast bowler
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