5th ODI: South Africa v England at East London [9/02/05]

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Mar 3, 2004
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game starts 1230pm uk time, please place all updates here

s.africa lead series 2-1
SA on a roll here, expected them to win convincingly at the start series (5-2) can still be the case despite the choking in the tied game and poor middle order selections at the start of the series.

Inclusion of De Villiers has allowed Gibbs to provide more experience in the middle order, was looking very weak at the start of the series with Bacher, Prince and Kemp.
waheed, s.africa are full exposing harmisons poor bowling and flintoffs absence, if s.africa dont win this series they have themselves to blame.
Flintoff is the key, without him England are half the team.

They have been fortunate that the likes of Kabir Ali and Collingwood have done well with the ball.

Hoggard is good in bowling conditions but if bowl doesn't swing he can be very expensive, Harmison needs a break and is homesick.

England should have let him go home instead of taking a risk with his fitness, Simon Jones would have been better choice for Australia and would have added depth to batting.

England are also messing around with top order for no reason, they have 4 oppeners yet they choose to play Geraint Jones which is a joke.

Trescothick should have oppened with Solanki or Strauss. Jones should be playing down the order. You need top order to try to play through the innings, Jones is a good little batsmen but not an oppener and England like Pakistan are just sacrificing him at the top.
Start delayed by 1hour due to wet outfield. Helicoptors out to dry the outfield after overnight rain.
S.africa 57/1 off 9.2 overs

kabir ali 0.2 overs 0/8 lol
Contrast Kabir Alis 6 balls for 20 runs with Paul Collingwoods 18 balls for only 8 runs and nearly bowled a maiden last over, but last ball got inside edge down to fine leg.

SA 88-1 after 15 overs.
Our batting line-up is a mess: Why isn't Strauss opening and why has Ian Bell been dropped without a decent run?

Kabir Ali just ain't good enough for international cricket.
Dan that is what I said in the earlier post, I don't know why Fletcher and co. messed around with the top order when we have 4 oppeners in the team, no need to play Jones as oppener.

Have to disagree with you about Kabir he has bowled a bad over but he is a good bowler, he was very good 2 of the games and in the warm up.

It is not as if James Anderson, Wharf, Hoggard have done the job when given the chance...

Hoggard set the trend today and went around the park 4 overs for 24, when Kabir came on Kallis was set and took him on.
SA 100-1 after 17.1 over's

Kabir is back on for 2nd spell...
Kabir gets his revenge on Kallis caught trying to pull short ball.

Kabir has the last laugh :)

Hoggard is a proven international quality bowler.
Anderson has bowled very poorly for over a year now.
Wharf isn't up to it.

Ali has always been expensive in county cricket because he bowls too many bad deliveries. Why should this change in international cricket?
Dan, Hoggard is only proven in Test Cricket.

In ODI's he also goes for a lot of runs when the pitch is not offering anything to him. He bowls that line and length that is easy for batsmen to go attack.

Who would you put in place of Kabir who is more of a wicket taker... has a better strike rate than Harmison, Wharf, Johnson...
it looks like england are doing a move which pak have tryed failed and kept with make there keeper open who cant bat
'Kabir just isn't good enough for international cricket?'

Anyone who gets Kallis out has gotta be half decent!
Yeah he got Kallis and Gibbs so far. He has come back very well after his first over.
Justin Kemp doing a Razzaq again.

57 of 41 so far with four 4's and 4 sixes.

SA now upto 258/4 in the 46th over. Smith gets a century.
kemp gone boohoo!

80 runs off 50 balls

s.africa 298/5 off 48.4
boucher gone 1st ball

gough 2 wkts in 2 balls
Brilliant Knock or shall I say hitting by Kemp to give SA the upper hand.
pollock run out for 2
2 wkts in 3 balls

s.africa 300/7 off 49 ovrs
s.africa 311/7 off 50 overs

eng need 312 to win

g smith 115 not out!
Don't want to take anything away from Kemps innings but East London ground is small and with the boundaries being brought in 15 yards, it was very small, even the mishits were going for six.

He was caught twice early on between the advertisment boarding and the rope 15 yards in.
He did hit two enormous sixes which would have been six on any ground, but just wanted to put things in perspective.
Still a long way from regaining ashes...any score above 250 and they fall like a pack of cards...
Wow Pietersen is a great find,

and he really HATES his old country because hes showing no mercy
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