Are Pakistanis the most stubborn , non-relenting and patient of all cricket fans

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Nov 2, 2013
I mean we see humiliation after humiliation but still leave our important assignments and tasks at hand and waste 8 hrs on a team that we know is gonna lose(chasing). Are we overly patient or are their still any players left in this team who are really inspiring.

Would other fans also be able to see such a PATHETIC:amin performance and still insisit on supporting their team?
No. Pakistan aren't even number one in that. Bangladeshis have endured a lot worse for much longer.
Not really, we are the worst fans in the world. Constantly abusing, cussing, dissing our players while butt kissing up to other players in glory. This team is never going to get out of a slump unless its fans have the patience for rebuilding which is a painful process. Wasting Yousaf's final couple of years was always going to bite us in the behind and now Misbah, YK are at the fag end.

There is no on the job training anymore which the indians have enjoyed. These youngsters like Shehzad, Jamshed, Amin, Shafiq, Maqsood, Akmal e.t.c. are going to have to learn the hard way on their own. If the PCB is smart they will appoint Inzamam as the full fledged batting coach.
No. India. England for example habe gone through more difficult times then us and look where they r now. But our problem mainly lies in the system. The whole pcb is a mess.
No. Pakistan aren't even number one in that. Bangladeshis have endured a lot worse for much longer.

You know things have hit rock bottom when Pakistan with all its cricketing history is being compared to Bangladesh. I have become insensitive to the losses just like our great captain Misbah, losing has become the norm for Pakistan.
Bangladeshi fan says hi :)

We have suffered a lot. But we have been patient and still hopeful that we will be a World class team soon.
I believe the likes of Bangladesh have endured a lot. But dont know why when I see someone wear the Pak jersey I have to watch them play wheter they win or lose. (Dont worry bad times will be over soon hopefully).