Australia tour of India, 2nd Test: India v Australia at Hyderabad (Deccan) / Day 4

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lol Clarke had edged that one to...but Dhoni didn't appeal at all..
:four Clarke seems in a mood of attacking cricket here..
Terrible from Twatto. Some of these guys just have no application at the crease.
Making India bat again will be a minor victory at least.
Cowan showing some fight..let's see how long can he hang in there..
On track for an innings and change humiliation defeat here.
Maxwel in all sorts of trouble against Sir Jaadu.
Just woke up to check the score, looks like Million Dollar Maxwell is out for 8. I hereby change his name from "Big Show" to "No Show".
We can clearly see difference between Jaddu/Ashwin and Bhajji.

It's time Bhajji, let Ojha have his moment now!!!
Clarke must be thinking of declaring now to end it all
Thanks Bro! We can have all congrats we can get at the moment, lost way too many series lately.
Loved the way Sir J set up Clarkey. As they showed on TV, he kept bowling it closer and closer to his stumps and then made it rip. Good stuff!
:out Wade goes to Ashwin. Its a procession out there. Will Clarke declare now :sami
Bhajji Should still go and make way for Ojha...
The only reason he is there is because of 6 left handers in the Aussie Team..
really feeling bad for the aussies now.they used to be one of our fiercest rivals once.
really feeling bad for the aussies now.they used to be one of our fiercest rivals once.

Dont. How bad did the Aussie fans feel for India 0-4. If anything this is as good a time to rub it in :akhtar
This is quite humiliating for India. It's interesting that Aussie Test record in India and Pakistan both is pretty ugly for them. No wonder they dont want to play in Pak
Will we get an extended session?! Dhoni doesn't want it clearly, for he is bowling Harbhajan from one end
How bad can Harbhajan get?! Not able to get no 10 and 11 out on a spinning beauty!!!! Please retiire Sir, enough is enough
Brilliant bowling by Jaddu/Ashwin and even Ishant bowled well this morning. Agree with other indian posters here, its about time Bhajji been benched for good. Unnecessarily India's best spinner been kept away from the team for too long. I would also like to see the end of Viru as a opener, give a chance to either Dhawan or Rahane in the next two games.
Pattinson has a better technique than many of the top order bats!!
Finally done, but somehow I'm not as excited... This is a mediocre performance from Aussies honestly

Aus become the first team in history to declare n lose by an innings.congrats:19:
This test win compared to Chennai win makes me feel even more good. This was played on a pitch which was not as bowler friendly as it was in Chennai but still our bowlers(spinners in particular) were superb throughout the test making it a onesided affair. Its been nearly 2 years since Aussies lost a test by innings(last one was against England in 2011).

Congrats to fellow indian ppers and commiserations to aussie ppers.
Vijay and Pujara individually beat Australia. :)

Seriously, we need Ojha in the team, instead of the pie chucker.
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