Australia v Canada | Group A | WC'11 | Bangalore | 16/3/11

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Mar 15, 2006
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Canada wins the Toss and decides to bat 1st.

Go score 1,000. :balajirao
Come on, I wanted to see Australia bat. No offense but this game will be over much before the full 8 hours
Yes Balaji Rao will bowl the Australian out within 50 runs. :danish
What a lovely start by the canadians, no fear whatsoever.

But wait and see ouu tukk tukk master Hafeez on saturday. He scored a fifty against Zimbabwe and now he will think even a failure against Aussies wont affect his position in the team as he will go off shaking his head while smiling after a breathtaking 7 from 19 balls!
pak openers should learn from this...weve seen both tait and lee get flustered when hit... and when they are flustered thats when they get more chances.
Hafeez & Shezad are u watching at how amateurs play or for that matter Pakistan openers.
Some chap called Patel has gone mad, long may it continue!
That's the problem with the grounds in India. Thyey should have bigger boundaries.
bangalore is just too short, at nagpur where india played the saffers was quite good 80+

and patel has another :Six
it is problem for pak opners to get the ball off the square they can learn from this batting line up.
Canada for test status, Pakistan may be then will get proper minimum 3 test or 5 test series ,
for last decade they are not getting that respect from other cricket nation.
The Canadian batsman are just playing the full shot and not a jab or a poke. The pace of the bowler is doing the rest.
now watson with less pace enters the attack and the scoring stops because now it is more about timing the ball and the Associates struggle with medium pacers
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