Australia v England | 4th Ashes Test | Melbourne | Day 3 | 28/12/2013

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Oct 11, 2008
England collapsed yet again in their 1st inns, but for a change didn't let Australia recover in theirs.

So game on.

Shame the series is over already.
Still got a feeling England will collapse all out for 120 or something like that in their 2nd innings. Give Aus about 170 to win.

Hope I'm wrong off course, but have little faith in this England team with the bat.
Haddin gets yet another 50.

375 runs so far this series.

Been a key player in Aust being 3-0 up.
Warne saying Haddin is right up there with Ian Healy and will go down as one of the best wkt keeper batsmen for Australia.
That was a cracking shot by Haddin for a couple.

New ball taken, Jimmy to bowl to Lyon.
Pathetic bowling by England, very defensive tactics by Cook no third slips. One of the reason why England have suck so much is because there bowlers and captain is very clueless when it comes to strategy and thinking on their feet.
200 up.

Poor effort from England so far, offering singles to Haddin, and bowling poorly to Lyon when he does get on strike.

Where is the yorker??
Haddin (390) now has the highest no of runs by a wkt keeper in an ashes series, ahead of Stewart (378) and Knott (364).
Carberry's tuk tuk at the top of the order is really hurting England. He kills any momentum Cook builds.
Cook timing the ball very nicely, finally looks to have found some form.

Ball also coming on to the bat much better than the first 2 days.

Cook reaches 8000 runs
Carberry on 1 off 25 balls.

Cook 29 off 28.

From what I have seen in this series, Carbs is a decent backup opener, but not a proper test class batsman.

Sort of a holding player until England find the permanent solution.
Lovely innings from Cook. Can't get enough of it.
Cook playing with a tailender?

Carberry at the other end as opener with Cook is looking like a tailender :))



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54 runs partnership and only 5 runs are contributed from Carberry in this partnership
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This Misbah like approach has been very dissapointing and is the reason why England are 3-0 in the series
Carberry is a bit bored out there :)) he has been the better batsman on this tour for england but has not switched gears yet
Engaaluund engaaluund engaalund come on lets smash these jibroni ausies! i hope KP hits a triple ton. The press conference after would be more entertaining then his innings :))
Root in at 3 again.

Given out and reviewed. Doesnt look out. No hot spot.
Despite Cook's inns the run rate is now below 3.
With these 2 in this might get really boring.
Carberry is trying to save a test here or what?

70 balls and only 6 runs. He probably had a long chat with Boycott.
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Carberry doing Misbah real proud here. He definitly played a part in Cook's dismissal
Carberry and Root awful combination even worse than Trott and Cook. Misbah times two, not good viewing. These two really put a lot of pressure on the rest of the batsman.
Carberry out lbw to siddle.

Slightly unlucky, clipping outside of leg stump according to hawk eye.
Carberry gone, lbw Siddle, this is the problem with batting to slow

England 86/2

England lead by 137/2
Ridiculous from Eng here. First time in series they got a chance to take the game away and now it is even for both team. Eng just needed to score 300+ but now they have allowed Aus to come back in this game big time.
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MJ can't do anything wrong atm. He should open the batting as well. Might score a ton.
The problem of batting slow as Carberry did. He should have ideally got around 40-50 runs of the 81 balls he played. England really staring down the barrel now.

3 wickets have gone down for 1 run.
This is what happens when you go all out defending and blocking and not scoring. A couple of quick wickets and your in trouble because the scores got no where. England's batting this series especially has been a utter trash and a joke. It's like they playing for time from the first test.
Yeah yeah continue to bat like Misbah ul Haq, most welcome
Actually Compton did way better than this and he's 3 years younger than Carberry as well. Experts said Carberry is an attacking option aka Trescothick but his batting is the main reason (along with poor form) for our collapses from 80 - 130 in almost every inns.
Anything below 300 should be chased down on this pitch.

Carberry was awful and not a test opener.
Anything below 300 should be chased down on this pitch.

Carberry was awful and not a test opener.

I've said that about Carberry for some time. Root to open because he's a burden at 3, Bell to 3 and Ballance to 5.
Apparently carbury had a reputation for being an aggressive dasher.
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