Australia v Sri Lanka | World T20 | Trent Bridge | 8/06/09


Bunch of jokers - no wonder we could beat them in T20!
theyre playing that song 'im begging you for mercy' in the ground as clarke walks off haha
Aus 87/5 and struggling to make a fighting total here!
6 overs to go...

Murali 3 overs 0/8 superb stuff!
That 6 shows there is nothing wrong with this pitch and SL should be able to knock off these runs without too much trouble...just as i say that mendis gets another one!!
When you have a must win game, the last team you want to be facing is Sri Lanka!
Clueless Aussies!

They had no clue how to play anyone of Srilanka's bowler and they deserve to go home.
yaar i hope Australia can get to 160, atleast we will have a game on our hands
if Hussey and Johnson can stick around, these last 3 overs can get very entertaining
Aussies can push on to 155-160 if they can get a 20-run over ... very much possible ...
Aus 124/6 after 17

3 good overs needed by Aussies.
they still putting more on the board than pakistan did yesterday, not givin up till the end!!
yeah this is a very good recovery at least theyre putting in an effort here.
good comeback by the tailenders but i don't think it will be enough for them to survive
150 - 160 is going to be a challenging score though, although SL should still get these, it never looked like australia would get anywhere near 160 though so a great recovery.
In the slow mo replay Malinga action is so close to a no ball...

His elbow does not bent but his arm is almost side ways horizontal to the ground.
Just crazy but I think no one though of a rule to cover this type of action?
His hand is difenitly not clearly going over the shoulder.