Cricket Bat Weight of Current Pakistani Team


Sep 17, 2010
Came across this during the fourth day of play of 2nd Pak vs BD Test Match. Ramiz had a good discussion about bats. Following is the photo of my laptop screen, might not be the best resolution and quality.


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Brilliant, thanks a lot for sharing this bhai. May Allah (SWT) reward and bless you immensely!

It is interesting to see actually, I have seen and held most of these players bats when I was in Lahore but I wasn't aware of weights.

I remember Taufeeq Umar, Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq had lightest bats and picture also tells us about that. However, Asad Shafiq also used heavier bat in nets to increase his bat speed.

Mohammad Hafeez bat has lot of meat and picks up quite amazing.
I never saw Adnan Akmals bat but from pictures etc it looks like he uses his brothers GM bats :))
You are welcome CD. I actually thought of you and created this thread, knowing that you will find this as interesting as I did.

I was surprised when I saw it myself, didnt have a lot of time, so snapped a pic from my phone.

You are one lucky dude to have had the experience at the Academy in Lahore, and own best willows out in the market.

I think Misbah and Hafeez should swap bats
Aww you're so sweet and kind, MashAllah :)

Haha LOL - I'm sure the bats Misbah takes in middle are unprepared and unknocked so he is just trying to knock them in the middle :))

I have seen a lot of Pakistani players use CA bats, Misbah, Younis, Asad, Azhar (he also uses bats Asad Bhai provides him) etc to name few.

Taufeeq Umars bat handle is extremely thin, he is one like VVS Laxman, both like thin handles.
Really good info.. but I have heard that heavier bats last longer and also a lot meatier than bats that weigh less..then why do international players use light bats??:40:
Thanks guys, its actually my first thread.

Straightdrive1: The way batmaking has evolved, light weight bats have more meat in the right places :)
Weight selection is a matter of personal preference, comfort and habit. I used to have a Sher Amin that weighed 2.12, I open the batting and rarely go for a slog. I did make a lot of runs in a season but injured my wrist due the unsuitable bat. I bat with a 2.7 GN Cyphos, It has lasted 2 seasons and is at its peak, I have had no wrist problems and have a much better bat speed, My drives travel further compared to a heavier bat due to the bat speed.
Normally, and I repeat normally, lighter bats mean quicker reaction and better control and hence most of the better batsmen prefer lighter bats. When you are facing 90mph bowling you need to have as much time as possible to play your shots.
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