England v Pakistan | First Test | Day 2 : Session 3 | Trent Bridge | 30/07/10

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where would be these days if it wasnt for Aamer! Well played lad! though we need both of em to stick around cuz I have zero hope in our remaining 3.
Unfortunately there always had to be a major collapse in order to get the 2Ys back.
Once again for about a millionth time, lets hope these two can take us past the follow on!!

It might be better following on, give the bowlers rest and try to get a lead of 150 and go for it.

Today won't go past 5.30, so if we can stick at it till then and score 70-80 runs, it would be good.

shot by malik.
50 partnership. :14:

No matter how rubbish we play, it's great to see Pakistan fighting till the very end.
I dont think strauss has courage to enforce follow on in case we are unable to avoid it ......
I so hope Aamer can get his 50 here, will do him good for his bowling confidence.
2 to Malik.

50 run partnership comes up between these two.

Well played Aamir and Malik!!!
100 up. Insha'Allah, Malik can get a big one here and Aamer can get a fifty. Really need it. :D
We should try to reduce the lead as much as possible and then get engalnd out less then 100
then we can try to chase
Ball not doing as much as before. I'd like England to enforce the follow on, that'd be our best chance.
Commentators say this match is way more interesting than run-fest
Anderson is not looking anything like he was with the new ball, shame we lost too many wickets early on.
Aamer takes a single on the last ball...damn Malik for not protecting him.
English commentators whinging about the ball getting soft.
In all honesty we need to drop Amin and Akmal for YK and MoYo, esp in these conditions, if we want to have any chance of beating Eng in their own backyard.
Wow, we make them collapse for 20 runs for their last 6 wickets, and then we have our own collapse.

*sigh*, things will never change
Now I feel that Aamer should go for it like he did vs NZ in Dubai. there is no need to hang around with real tail enders
Malik gets to his average and heads back. A decent effort though today.

Time for the sloggers next,:gul:asif:danish
We need a cameo from Gulla, need to get past the FO.
Man, do we miss the 2Ys today. Oh God, Ijaz Butt kab hamari jaan choray gaa!
Umar Amin, Umar Akmal and Kaneria out ....bring in Younus ,Yousuf & Ajmal/ Mohammed Irfan
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