England v West Indies | Group B | WC'11 | Chennai | 17/3/11

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I hope eng wins to make group b even more interesting, a windies wil ensure wi,india and bangladesh as the other three quarter finalists.
Gayle to unleash a whirlwind knock.

England should make tomorrow morning's flight to LHR.
So, the knockouts have started.

Yup but only for england, a defeat and back home, 15 years of misery will continues, I just don't know what's wrong with england. They invest too much still no results. Their media portray them as best but honestly they re big time loosers.
They haven't won any major trophy in cricket barring T20 Cup, never won anything in football since 66, and have never won a grand slam in tennis, still their media show their players as the best.
Definately over rated and just imagine if you provide same facilities and benefits to pakistan team they would have won every world cup atleast in cricket.
West Indies lose 5 tosses in a row :afridi
Would like to see Prior & Trott make some useful contributions..

Benn is in full form and swing if he gets the early wickets .. WI are on roll.. and with Gayle in WI stand a good chance ...
England's bowling line up gayle and co will be licking their lips!
Ramiz said to him you won the toss again. Inzy said ye I practice winning the toss.
Oh gawd i love both these teams.
I want WI to win..but i dont want eng to get eliminated

Oh gawd i love both these teams.
I want WI to win..but i dont want eng to get eliminated


You support england, and then support windies v India. Means you can support both and both may qualify :)
this should be a fantastic match, lets hope the pitch is not as woeful as the last game in Chennai.
way too many changes in the teams.... especially england ...

are they panicking ?

ANderson was the obvious choice to miss out ...

but shahzad and colly are injured or what?

"Chris Gayle is utterly unmoved by the national anthem, Sammy, on the other hand is belting it out."

Razzaq and YK
Great start. Unfortunately got a busy day and won't be around, but hoping the boys do us proud.
I cant see WI chasing a huge total , Eng already look good to set a 300+ total here
I was stunned when they dropped Chanderpaul. Been our bogey player so many times in the past.
Trott has had an extra bowl of weetabix this morning. England have lost 2 but still look like posting a big one here.
Eng needs to win this game with higher NRR and Trott is playing according to the situation.
Has Trott taken his breakfast with Shahid Afridi or what?
England in a very good position.
trott first, strauss second, sehwag 3rd then tendulkar 4th and abcd 5th so far leading run makers
Shiv Chenderpaul should also and could follow the footsteps of Akhtar and retire...
on that pitch, in that weather, in that country, against these pollyard bowlers, afridi wouldve been lethal as lethal is

on the pads and flicked past the fine leg fielder.

Outer edge and a lollipop catch to midwicket, Trott gone.

First intl. wicket for Bishooooooooo
hoping for a english collapse here, take the powerplay morgan is on crease
What a soft soft soft dismissal. Afridi must be watching this, but England will be going home on a plane soon.

But hey, they won The Ashes which is far more superior than the WC so who cares. ;-)
South African gone. Irish comes on the crease.

Are we sure England are playing?
Af who said that, or is it just you. world cup is top of anyones list
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