England vs Sri Lanka, 4th ODI, Old Trafford


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Aug 28, 2005
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Lankans won the toss and are batting first.

Harmison has gotten Jaya out.

25-1 (5.4)
Sri Lanka are unchanged from the last game.

England have made alot of changes.

ME Trescothick, AN Cook, IR Bell, AJ Strauss, VS Solanki, JWM Dalrymple, GO Jones, TT Bresnan, LE Plunkett, Kabir Ali, SJ Harmison

Mahmood left out, Kabir Ali comes in. Bresnan comes in as well replacing Alex Loudon. Cook also comes in for Pietersen who for some reason is not playing.
Sri Lanka continuing where they left of. :)))

57-1 (9.3)

Jayawardene ~ *18(8)

Jayawardene - Growing into a superb player.

This is the slow and painful death of English ODI cricket......when this happens, with Pakistan waiting in the wings....how low can England go or will Pakistan make it possible for England to resurrect this diabolical team into Australia-beaters AGAIN????????
jayawardene dropped 2wice and now he passes 50 of 32 balls!
AND this was the 20th over, very very healthy run rate! of 6+
darlymple coming round the wicket for a change!

3 runs from his over and now has 14-0 after 3 overs
ground fielding has been good but dropped some catches england have!
attempted reverse sweep by jaya wich he misses and now he smashes for a 4444444
solanki into the attack now, strauss's seamers have failed!
i think tresco shud be given a go here, he bowls good medium pace u kno!
next powerplay taken,

jaya who has setteled quite well shud take full advantage of this!
Jaya on 61*

lanka have kind of slowed down, but there taking good singles!
Complete and utter toss. Hopefully our test form gets back to its best so England fans have something to shout about this year. After all, the next few ODI series, champions trophy and even the world cup are pretty much write-offs at this rate :))
is there any need for such regular updates?
E N G L A N D - - - - - - ¬

thats wats happenin to them!
Whippy squash said:
is there any need for such regular updates?

well no1 is doing them and this thread waS Initially made for regular updates!
A good ball, from an England bowler in a one dayer?!

How can such a contradiction exist?
only 1 run of that over!

29 overs gone! 173-3

still a good chance of 300
16 wides in this innings!!!

England are doing it Sami style!!