England vs Sri Lanka, 4th ODI, Old Trafford

Highest ODI total at Old Trafford.

Good stuff.
Woah! 2 sixes!

Very important innings for Sri Lanka. I tell you what this fifty makes the difference between a gettable target, and a very tough one.
top edge no ball and caught, but wont be out,

the y ran 1

49.2 Ali to Maharoof, SIX!!, another full toss, Maharoof slogs it over deep mid wicket, he gets to his FIFTY!! in style!

49.3 Ali to Maharoof, SIX!!, another one! Maharoof moves across and lofts it over deep mid wicket, what a shot!
Ali being smashed in his last two overs and here I thought he was a usefull ODI bowler.
Kabir deserved that beating, no sympathy from me at all. Very very poor death bowling...slower ball long hops, what the?
318/7 (50)

Tremendous performance by Lanka, England should just pack their backs and leave the stadium now.
Ouch...another over or 2 and Kabir could have beat Mick Lewis's dubious record of 0-111 in a one dayer!
Cricbuzz helping England's task:

Very expensive over, 20 runs from it. England need 219 runs to win in 50 overs! Do join us after the lunch break for the England innings.

28-0 (6)

Decent run rate, Required is 6.61.
Cook looking good in his ODI debut.

6.6 Vaas to Cook, FOUR!!, again the overpitched delivery on the legs, Cook picks it nicely over the infield to mid wicket, good over for England!
6.4 Vaas to Cook, FOUR!!, pitched up, on the legs, Cook tickles it down to fine leg, fine leg fielder is too wide to cut it off!

We need a wicket soon/
Jayasuriya to Jones, SIX, big swing to leg high to deep midwicket where Malinga on the rope could not cling on … even had he held it, he would have been on the line. The first boundary since the UK had a Conservative government ... so it seems

England are a complete and utter joke
England used to be at least competitive at home in ODIs but they just seem lost now. Why they keep on playing Plunkett is baffling. I guess its the Fletcher inftatuation with someone who can hold a bat. But if they guy isnt doing his primary job well is he worth the odd 20s and 30s which by the way are rare anyway.

To be honest as a Pakistan fan this is good because it must be affecting the English morale.
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yo easa, MIG's closed off the other thread, you satisfied with that BBC link on sehwag? :p
Darymple gone bowled fernando.

hes been only england sucsess in a joke series for england.
Tupac said:
yo easa, MIG's closed off the other thread, you satisfied with that BBC link on sehwag? :p

I haven't seen it yaar. Any link?
Game over and sri lanka win by 33 runs and lead series 4-0!
another england odi another england loss, more complains about injuries, and more of the wrong line and lenghths
why do england keep picking these mediocre bits and pieces players?

secondly why are solanki and kabir ali been picked again and again??

I dont know why england dont pick mal loye, stuart law and darren maddy who are all better LOI players then alot of current bunch!
Very bad from the looks of it.

I'd be surprised if SL don't wrap this up 5-0.
Rana said:
btw england got thrashed as bad as henman looool

England cricket team..Henman..England Football team(saturday) :))) :)))

What a week!!

At times like these, im really proud to be British!