England (183/7) beat Pakistan (160) by 23 runs in the 2nd T20I to go up 1-0 in the 4-match T20I series

Which side will win today's match between England and Pakistan?

  • Pakistan will win

    Votes: 9 33.3%
  • England will win

    Votes: 18 66.7%

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Naw, if fakhar takes the side home im cool with it.

Any game Pakistan wins is fine as long as fakhar, imad etc etc are the ones to do it.

Speaking of which ho gi tasali sab ki? Shadab at no 5?

@Forum363 Happy?

Well it doesn't matter to me who performs as long as we win. If it's Imad, he'd get my support as well
Chacha shouldn't be in the side, but its this yaari dosti from Babar that keeps him there. Should be asked by someone directly why he keeps getting picked.
Lol. Bairstow is finished . Buttler is delusional if he thinks he still has anything left.
Bloody hell Chacha, you're gonna make me eat my words.

Edit: Oh fk off chacha you mental midget.
Good catch by Jordan . Bairstow would've juggled and dropped it , looking more ginger than ever.
Typical chacha dismissal. Trying to hit ball from outside off stump towards mid wicket
Ifti sent daggers into the haters but then skied one to keep the banter alive on PP.
Well it doesn't matter to me who performs as long as we win. If it's Imad, he'd get my support as well
Rona band karo, And take back your shadab is our best allrounder, Babar Sher and babar world class arguments you've made and all this stop pretending to be an expert.

I don't like constantly going game by game and reminding you kei kya sach hai aur kya ghalat hai
Of all the people, Shahdab case is straight forwad, should have been dropped ages ago, he at this point is a liability both in bowling and batting.
Shadab is definitely #1 candidate for the drop.

Babar must take some responsibility here. Instead of giving Shadab his full quota - an over each from Saim and Ifti and this would've been a run a ball chase not 42 from 22.
Doesn't matter

Whatever happens in life I'll never reach the level of embarrassment that @topspin faces on a daily basis.
Whatever beef you have with @topspin please leave me out of it as I don't wish to engage with that.

Regardless as for chacha, Bro just stop, Rahnei dei.

Although tbf I am suprised I was 100% accurate today. Most of my predictions go horribly wrong like the Sri lanka game in world cup where I predicted rizzu would fail but khair 131 Mar dya
Pakistan really needed Ifti to stay on a bit longer. Don't see how they have enough power left to pull this off.
Oh dear what's happened here ? Pitch invader ?

I heard it was somebody running towards the Pakistani dressing room, wanting to hammer home the point about who should be opening the batting. Don’t be surprised if Riswan has a few bruises in the presser.
If only Imad would submit to the red velvet cake, then perhaps he’d have come in ahead of Shadooby
Imad can hold his head high tbf

Kept us in the game with bat and ball.

Respect where it's due.
I don't understand why some commentators keep referring to guys like iftikhar, imad etc as dangerous player...I think they are dangerous to their own side...