Euro 2012 (Teams Thread)

In Screenshots there are the attributes of the players.

Here is the full form of the shortcuts if someone is not able to understand.

Tec: Technique
Cro: Crossing
Dri: Dribbling
Fin: Finish
Fir: First Touch
Fre: Free Kicks
Hea: Heading
Lon: Long Shots
LTh: Long Throws
Mar: Marking
Pas: Passing
Pen: Penalty Taking
Tac: Tackling
Acc: Acceleration
Sta: Stamina
Str: Strength
Tea: Team Worka
Wor: Work Rate
Agg: Aggression
Click the pictures to get a zoomed and clear image.
I've only got one striker!!!! surely not. my 10-0-0 formation looks pretty good now given what I have got.
Thanks Ibad, good stuff. Croatia can surprise you all !
Gonna be honest, Portugal look kinda 2nd tier looking at some of the other 'giants'...why couldn't this be Euro 2004 lol

But...I'll work with what I have, and try and weave some of my 'Wenger-Mohrinhio-Hiddink' magic :ik
Is Nani in the Portugal sqaud? Here he's not listed, but in the first friendly, he was 'listed' in my squad...