Good news for CA Sports Fans


Jun 12, 2010
Good news for CA Sports fans that now they can check authenticity of their Bats because CA Sports has introduced bar codes system for checking Bat quality and ownership of that bat.
You can check online status of your purchased bat and register it to your name.
It is good step from CA Spots to stop selling of fake bats.
I guess this will only be applied on new bats they make? I concur it's an excellent move.
Very good to see.

They are protecting their name more than anything.
Liverpool have system for their widgets. You get 10% or 15% off from next purchase when you register the widget on their website.
Really good idea from CA fake, bats can be a nightmare to deal with ! Agreed will earlier comments have to see how it is implemented before i can comment. Has Pakistan turned a corner with corruption, fakes and illegal betting :) LOL