Help me Choose a New Bat!


May 30, 2011
hi currently i am a mb malik bubber sher i love it but it needs replacing it weighed 2.7 which is perfect for me i am looking for a good overrall powerful bat and am interested to no which ur favourite is and u consistently use, id like to choose from mainly pakistani brands boomboom, ca , ihsan, mb le,mb bubber sher(again), as
Yeah def recommend CA TRD 12000 one of the best Bats I have purchased.
Its not cheap though - Around 25000 Rupees in Pak (a bit less if you can get it directly from CA factory).
Where are you located and where in Pakistan will you be buying it from?

Lastly what is your budget again?
i actually leave in the uk, london but go to pak often, my budget around £250 but want to spend less than that if i can!!!