Is this fake or real

This is 100% fake. Same fake seller who is selling bats under different company and name
thanks people for the response, I couldn't seem to tell the difference at first.
super fake! Really pisses me off that people try to sell fakes. Bad reputation for the brand and the country of origin. People from the sub continent seem to be involved in this a lot.
This bat is 100% genuine..... just bought 2 x CA 15000 from the CA Company Sialkot directly and they are identical to these....
these are my 2 pairs from Zahid (director of CA Sports) and they are identical to this one..
As mentioned in many threads why don't the UK bat-makers come to Pakistani market is that their is no constant approach to the production line. The stickers the toe guards grips they all keep on changing with the suppliers used by the manufacturer. These things should be kept in mind while purchasing a **** product so that their are less doubts on the authenticity of the product.