Karachi Dolphins vs Rawalpindi Rams | Group B | Faysal Bank T20 Cup | 24/6/2011

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yahan nahaaney ki zaroorat naheen hai itna paseena aa raha hai! :facepalm:
Karachi dugout looking nervous. Must be a lot of pressure to know you need to score 200 plus each time with your bowling attack. :sami
What happens to Mr big hitter Shahzaib whenever a spinner is on? Guy is scared.
Shahzaib looking like a lbw candidate against Samiullah.
whats happening with mycricketHD , I just paid them for a month, was so impressed by the stream, now its not working !!
Great bowling by Hammad, slipped in the big outswinger, with the man placed there just for that shot. Raja exposed.
Now the turtle show starts, Shafiq followed by Fawad. Ah, what a life. :hammad
Hammad ruins what would have been a good over. 4 last ball.
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