Leicestershire vs Lancashire | 1st Semi-Final | FLT20 | Abdul Razzaq!

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Apr 25, 2011
Well I really wanted to make this thread a day before, really want to hear who is supporting who, etc. Junaid and Razzaq playing! :junaid :razzaq

So let's see both the teams, here's something I wrote:

They have been superb in this tournament, and they really got going when Razzaq made his debut earlier in this tournament, and blasted 60 odd off 30 balls, a great innings when you Given that he just arrived from Pakistan a day ago. In Leics last game, which was against Kent, they were absolutely superb, quite expensive with the ball, letting Kent reach 203 in 20 overs, Now everyone knew that Leics had no chance but the fighting spirit remained in the Leics dressing room. Leics got off to a great start but kept on losing wickets and got some boundaries in the end. Once Razzaq got out, after hitting 3 sixes, at 176/6, hopes were going down, but then, Paul Nixon, in his last match before retirement blasted 31 off 17 balls! Leics needed 2 off the last over, which was really easy, Wahab Riaz was the bowler, who bowled a superb delivery to deceive Paul Nixon, and got him bowled out. The next ball hurried for a boundary and Leics completed an amazing victory! Well thats all from Leics! :razzaq

Lancashire didn't start that well, losing a few games and were really not the favourites for this tournament, but once Junaid, Mahroof and Mahmood came into the side, they looked a better team and a much more hard working one as well. Junaid got into his stride straight away, bowling a match wining spell with some yorkers. Mahroof and Mahmood have been pretty ordinary and have failed to impress till now. In Lancs last game, against Sussex yesterday, Lancs won the toss and chose to bat first, scoring 152 with 44 from Karl Brown and 49 not out from Paul Horton. It was going to be a good chase but certainly not an easy one for Sussex. Sussex lost their very first wicket in the first over and when they were 73-5, all hopes were lost, but then Rana Naved came in and blasted a quickfire 34 before being bowled by Junaid Khan leaving Sussex requiring 28 off 5 balls. In the end Lancs won by 20 runs to take a place in the semi final. Good luck Lancs! :junaid

Lancs or Leics? :yk
I'm going, can't wait. Hampshire should win it.

I predict Hampshire vs Leicster final

Boom Boom vs Razzler.
Junaid Khan isn't playing me think. :sadaf
Lancs to win, go on lads, show them some Red Rose grit.
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Junaid Khan isn't playing, so as Pakistanis we should support Leicstershire now! :razzaq
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why is the semi and final on the same day???

Because you can play them all in one day, better value for fans, this is not the IPL.

Should be a good days cricket but at the moment there is thunder and lightening in Birmingham the weather needs to improve.
Why the flt20 teams play the qualifier for champion league other like australia africa and other not playing only eng new zealand lanka westindies playing the qualifier why
Why the flt20 teams play the qualifier for champion league other like australia africa and other not playing only eng new zealand lanka westindies playing the qualifier why

Coz the organisers Of Champions League are of Southafrica , australia and india
How long till Razzaq starts attacking bleating goats?
Razzaq being hyped up a lot. Lets hope he delivers a quality knock.
Lancs will be missing Junaid in this match and if they get into the final. He delivered some great performances for them.
Both teams are underdaags. Should be a good game.
Was a square drive I think.

Maharoof to share the new ball.
McDonald is a dangerman. Most destructive after Razzaq. Hope he gets going.
Lol as if the Indian domestic players were much better than McDonald, a Test cricketer :)))
Maharoof strikes, big wicket.
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2 wickets in 2 balls, Leics in trouble. Possibly in need of a Razzaq special.
Lol Sajid Mahmood was just jogging in and rolled his arm over for a nice 87mph loosener :akhtar
James Taylor in. Seems quite overrated by Sky.
New ball has moved and bounced. Cork seems to be a fan of the legendary Afridi duck. Will probably make him open again lol. :afridi
Taylor seems very jumpy at the crease, doesn't seem anything THAT special from what I've seen of him (3, 4 innings), but they were T20s so judgement will be HELD :afridi
Good running Taylor. Lightning between the wickets.
Leicester's batting is their strong suit, need atleast 165 to give their weak bowling a chance to defend.
Du Toit aka walking wicket...

McDonald was a huge wicket.
Taylor generally punishes short bowling, cut or pull.
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