NatWest Final: Australia Vs England [2/7/05]

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another 4 for hayden, Aussies making a positive start.
This pitch looks like it has alot of pace, Australians should not struggle considering conditions are very similar to home and their bowlers should enjoy this wicket.
Cmon England - Engerland Engerland !!!
They gotta get Gilchrist out early if they want to restrict them under 300.
And Engerland fans sing....
"Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home,
Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home."
Freddie finally gets Gilchrist :3::3::3::3::3::3::3::3::3:
another wicket for england!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! simon jones strikes their goes michael clarke
Good comeback from Jones

went for more than 9 an over in his first 3 without a wicket

then came back and took a wicket for just 2 runs from 3 overs.
He needs to bowl round the wicket to left-handers though.
watching this at the moment...
aussies 110/5 28.3 overs..

england need 2 keep them at 230 or below....
That's too many I fear.

Mcgrath in these conditions will be very difficult to play.
13/2 openers gone
aus might win unless pietersen plays unbelievable again
How crap can England get, its like they've never played at lords before or never chased before, or even never batted before, absoulotly appaling stuff from them. I bet even Bangladesh could come back and bowl them out in this final!!!
and Vaughan was talking about getting his first centuary today, came close just 100 runs short I would say!
RH what is the lowest score ever? cause vaughn said they would try and make history so at the end of England's innings I want to check if he was telling the truth or not!
NatWest Final: Australia Vs England

hahaha Omg any1 watching this? Latest score is 34/5 of Englands.

Man, Bangladesh gave Australia good fight thru-out the Natwest series!

Eyebrows were raised over Bangla's poor cricket.
G.O. Jones hits Gillespie for four.

Gillespie could throw it away here for the Aussies!!!
Well i am suprised England avoided the lowest total ever. It's a very poor pitch for an ODI.
yea well thats a gud thing...its seperated the men from the boys...looool
England are back with a small chance
666666666666666 by Jones
Collingwood and Jones have really played well on a poor pitch
from now england should win it seeing that 4 of the last 8 overs have to be bowled by hussey or hogg. england can only shoot themselves in the foot by getting out to mcgrath or lee.
39 off 36 now!! hogg now bowling, negative move by ponting, should have tried to get giles out with lee or mcgrath.
well so much for a great comeback. We did do well though to come within 30 of them
England have lost the match..

I think Jones could have won it, but he didnt have the experience...
19 from last 2 ovrs. Gough is englands last hope now. If he can hit a couple of blows.
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