New Zealand vs England | 4th ODI | Napier | 20/02/2008


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Jun 1, 2001
England team

AN Cook, P Mustard, IR Bell, KP Pietersen, PD Collingwood, OA Shah, AD Mascarenhas, LJ Wright, SCJ Broad, RJ Sidebottom, JM Anderson

New Zealand team

JD Ryder, BB McCullum, JM How, LRPL Taylor, SB Styris, PG Fulton, JDP Oram, DL Vettori, KD Mills, IE O'Brien, CS Martin

Toss New Zealand, who chose to field first
Its an all food opening partnership for England again - Cook and Mustard

5 for 0 from 2 overs
great start from. Cook 53 - Mustard 67
England 125-0 after 21 overs
Mustard out on 83 ct at long on off Ryder
Eng 158-1 after 26.5
Will this trigger the collapse?
Eng 224-2 after 38 overs
They should get atleast 300 from here. England highest score against NZ is 322 in 1983 WC
Bell out ct at square leg boundary off O'Brien
Eng 232-3 after 39.1 overs
With Bell, Pieterson and Collingwood's mediocre performances of late, Owais Shah needs to be placed higher in the order to prove his worthiness and credentials to the teams cause-at times it almost seems as if England are doing him a favour by picking him. Shah, nearly always is required to rebuild the innings or slog when he needs to push the tempo.
Collingia is the beast of the day. 3 sixes already and while I type this gets bowled trying to hit another one
Eng 277-4 after 43.5 overs
should be 320 from here

edit: it was Pietersen out. Collingwood now has 6 sixes all to squareleg and midwicket. 24 ball 50 for him
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9 runs and a wicket of Wright off last over
Eng 340-6 after 50 overs
PlanetPakistan said:
well the ground is very small and the pitch is very good for batting
Lets see how it turns out,

calls the bookie to cancel my bet.
NZ are frankly crap. I still don't know how they keep making to the semi-finals most of the time. No standout batsmans(Oram maybe), no threating bowlers but still they somehow do well in world cup.
NZ 50-0 after 6.3 overs - need 291 more to win
Andersen going for runs have given 38 runs
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PlanetPakistan said:
see what i told you Plasma bata

steady on now...a couple of wickets here and we may see the Kiwis collapsing like a pack of cards.
McCullum better start hitting now as I am about to leave.
NZ 61-0 after 9 overs - need 280 more to win
2 succesive fours by McCullum. Good to see he is reading my text messages
NZ 70-0 after 9.5 overs - required RR 6.75
Eng was 44-0
Ryder out ct at midwicket. a good catch by Andersen
NZ 70-1 after 10.1 overs
Should be an interesting and close match if New Zealand keep playing like this.
Remember how many times NZ has chased down Australias 300+ totals...
Did anyone else too notice the "Gucci" ad with "Heart of Glass" track (80s Hit by Blondie) in the background in between the over-breaks?.

Some fond memories that!
infamous9383 said:
NZ are frankly crap. I still don't know how they keep making to the semi-finals most of the time. No standout batsmans(Oram maybe), no threating bowlers but still they somehow do well in world cup.

And you were saying?
Vettori really struggling to get bat on ball only 3 off 7 from him.
NZ need 17 from 12 balls.

Sidebottom completes his 10, this is going to be Anderson's last over, replacement bowler will have to bowl last over! This is exciting.
Vettori was actually short of the crease in the 2 runs squeezed from the 48th over, just a little info for us to talk about after the outcome of this. :)
Vettori turns on the boosters in the 49th over, captain kiwi doing it for his team.

NZ need 7 to win!
Its only Luke Wright! How could this happen...this could be a heartbreaker for NZ!
leg bye off last ball!

England rescued that result..

series still not lost!

NZ should be kicking themselves!
And they get the single! England NEEDED to win to stay alive in the series so this is like a loss for them, good game good game..
Damn, match tied - NZ messed this up man, they should have won considering Wright bowled the last over and they had 4 wickets in hand
what a match... NZL deserved to win, but then you can can say vettori was run out!! lets hope for another thriller at christcurch