On This Day Jun, 11, 1975: Javed Miandad makes his ODI debut


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Feb 4, 2005
Termed as one of Pakistan's best batsman, Javed Miandad made his debut in 1975 Prudential World Cup against West Indies at Birmingham. At the time of his debut, Miandad was only 17 years and 364 days.

Playing against the mighty West Indies team of the 1970s, Miandad played well for his debut scoring 24 runs (32 balls) and bowling a complete 12-over spell and finishing with figures of 1-46.

A closely fought match, West Indies won the match by 1 wicket with 2 balls to spare.

Scorecard: http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/match/65042.html
If only we had ONE more like him....
Great servant of Pakistan cricket!
debut in a world cup? that too at tender age of only 18? Youngsta beauty would surely have impressed a few in the ranks and board to be selected.
Great batsman and it's amazing to think it has been 44 years since tha tday.
He was the great servant of Pakistan cricket team, a true fighter & who had the ability to get under the skin of opposition. One more thing which I think peoples dont know that he had the great eye on talent. He brought many cricketers from club & nets to international level.
Our best ever ODI and Test batsman

Can you expand on the best ODI batsman bit? I only saw him from 1991 onwards and at that time, he was a nudger, grafter and scored at a low to middling SR. Yes, he was determined and scored well, but was not very aesthetically pleasing or fun to watch. I missed his prime in the 80s, was he completely different/modern ODI batsman back then?