On This Day: October 24, 1969 - Zaheer Abbas and Sadiq Mohammad made their Test debut


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Oct 3, 2009
On this day back in 1969 Zaheer Abbas,Sadiq Mohammad,Younis Ahmed and Mohammad Nazir made their test debut against New Zealand in Karachi.

Wisden Write About Zaheer:
Zaheer is graceful and lithe of movement, unusually modest and unashamedly patriotic. There is a genuine and proud wish to do his utmost for the glory of Pakistan. His famous innings at Edgbaston exceeded his wildest hopes. He recalls: "I needed to put my head down at the start, and make sure Pakistan did not lose another wicket. The pitch was good and I felt I could master the bowling. Once I was set I had no other thought but to carry on. After the first 50 I went to the next 50 and so on. When I passed 250 I put my sights on 300, and I would have gone beyond that if I had not got out."

The final words emerge as if in apology. An England attack, short only of John Snow, which had defeated Australia was dismissed by Zaheer as if he was engaged in a routine exercise. His timing and remarkable concentration produced an hourly scoring rate for nine hours averaging 30. Not once did he waver in skill and purpose.

Zaheer Career Stats

Wisden Writes about Sadiq:
The youngest of the five Mohammad brothers, the softly spoken Sadiq was also the only left-hander, something he was encouraged to cultivate because the other four were right-handers. His natural right-handedness meant he was a strong - and wristy - off-side player, but he was a strong puller as well: he loved to take on the fast men. Like his more famous brothers, Hanif and Mushtaq, Sadiq was short and stocky. Some thought he owed his place in the team to his family connections, but his record, as an opener at a difficult time, stands up.

Career Stats of Sadiq Mohammad

Wow that must have been a game to remember for the audience !

Zaheer we all know about, but Sadiq was also a force to be reckoned with. I believe he was hit by a rising delivery towards the end of his career - think he never regained his composure again
On This Day October 24, 1969: Zaheer Abbas and Sadiq Mohammad made Test debut vs NZ

The 1st Test of New Zealand's 1969/70 Tour of Pakistan was played at National Stadium Karachi where four players made their debut. Zaheer Abbas, Sadiq Mohammad, Mohammad Nazir and Younis Ahmed

This Test match is more notably remembered for Pakistan's defensive batting in both innings. In their first innings Pakistan batted for well over six hours on the 1st day to score only 208 runs. Sadiq Mohammad played well for his 69 on debut and occupied the crease for four hours.

While New Zealand were aggressive in reply, debutant Mohammad Nazir finished with seven wickets (figures of 7/99) in the innings on his debut

Pakistan topped their first innings effort by batting nearly nine hours with Sadiq Mohammad batting for nearly a third of that. As would be expected, the match was drawn.

Scorecard: http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/match/63048.html
On This Day October 24, 1969: Zaheer Abbas and Sadiq Mohammad made Test debut vs NZ

And Zaheer Abbas never looked back, did he? Right up there amongst Pakistan´s very best!
Happy Birthday to Sadiq Mohammad Sahib
This Test also saw one of the only instances of two brothers opening the batting together...