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Tape Ball Regular
Oct 14, 2011
I was thinking for a while to start a thread here to bring business ideas or bring investors and business folks together. I want everyone to give their opinon or recommnedation on any sector or business which one would like to see or do in Pakistan. Also, folks who are currently in Pakistan and would like to seek advice or investment for their projects can use this to post outline. Thanks.
I would love to hear about quality things that can be exported from Pakistan.
Can anyone from Pakistan comment on the real estate market? Also, how are the banks doing with the loans and what are the requirements. Thanks
Bump. Looking to invest in Pakistan.

Can anyone suggest business ideas that have potential in Pakistan? I was potentially thinking of constructing a guesthouse in Hunza/Neelam Valley since tourism is on the rise again.

Please do suggest ideas; simple or not, anything appreciated.